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problems with the forum?

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  • problems with the forum?

    Is anyone else having a problem posting over the past few days? I have noticed many more duplicate posts and I have had problems posting such as long delays in being returned to the forum topic after making a reply. Also, the banner ads at the top are not loading as they used to. Maybe Norm or someone needs to look into this.

    Anybody seeing these type of problems or is it just me. Speak up!

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    Same here, I can post but end up using the browser back button to get back to the main view.
    Judging by the lack of posts I would say there is a problem


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      Me, too. Keep getting the "sit tight, we're taking you back..." message, but it never takes me back. Glad to hear it wasn't just me.


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        If you use the back button before the forum returns you to the message, your post will appear twice


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          Is the problem still there? I was on vacation on thursday and friday. I'll check this out as soon as I get in monday morning.



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            Yes Josh, it's still woth us. heck it out when you can please.

            I've noticed that the page never finishes loading, always on the hourglass. The banner ads or scheduled images that linked to various tools on the Ridgid site do not load (for me anyway), even if I remain on a page (forum topic) for minutes.

            The only way I can get back to the forum after posting this message will be to click on the one of the links in the bread crumb trail (Shop Talk >> General Topics >> .... >> ). Using the back button seems to cause a duplicate copy of the last post to be sent. This happens (banner ads don't load) even when just viewing pages, not just when posting.

            Hope this helps you find the problem.


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              Ok.. I think we finally worked it out. The flash banner at the top of the page got moved and it was slowing up the forum because it was trying to load the file.

              Should be back to normal now.

              Thanks for the heads up,



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                Seems to be OK now Josh, thanks for fixing it.