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Wow, gotta love Ridgid

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  • Wow, gotta love Ridgid

    I have been wanting a wet/dry vac for a few months now. I started a project on my home that made this purchase a reality. I was leaning towards a Shop-Vac, and then went to that huge home improvement store (that I detest going to) and they had the Rigid wd1730, 16 gallon, 6.5HP, for $77, on special. I picked it up, got it home put it together, and realized that it had a stage one filter, not the stage two filter it should. The vac I bought, the box was all taped up, and may have been a floor model (the $77 was for a new vac, they were out). I got home and called Ridgid, they sent me out a stage two filter, nice.

    Ok, so I am using my vac and switch from picking up dry materials to wet. I remove the filter and wet vac away. I finish vacuuming, clean the vac, and go to put the filter back on, and I can't find the filter nut ). I called Ridgid, to order a new one, and she tells me the nut is $1 +change, shipping and handling is $5.50. Then she tells me she'll just send one out. Pretty cool.

    Using the vac, it is a very nice piece of equipment, powerful and well built. Dealing with the customer service department is also a pleasure. Even if I had to pay for the nut, I would still be impressed with them. Since I didn't have to pay for it, I am WAY impressed with them.

    Great tool, great company,


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    Spend some time wandering around this forum and you'll form the impression, as many of us have, that Ridgid is too good to be true in terms of customer support and user friendliness.