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Rigid Drywall Screwer - Are you out there?

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  • Rigid Drywall Screwer - Are you out there?

    I'm looking to see if Rigid or Duraspin or someone makes an attachment for the 18V Rigid drills that "shoots" screws using the Duraspin screws.

    I know you can buy the 14V? drill with attachments for $200 bucks and just the attachment for DeWalts, OldMil, etc for $50 - but I've got three Rigid 18Volters revin' to go and don't need to carry another type of drill and accessories around.

    Any leads? Any at all?

    Thanks for the help,

    PS - i did buy one of those attachments from Hd because they "did not know" (I get that a lot) if it would work on the Rigid line.

    It didn't - but I made it with a lot of tape. It worked.....but not well.