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    We are a electrical contractor and use a lot of pump oilers, but the hand pumps don't last very long. Has any one found something that will hold up in the construction industry?

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    What model hand oiler do you have? and what seems to be the general problem?


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      pump me have never worked...darn helpers are like monkeys. they can break a steel ball give enough time

      what happens in every case i have seen is a 16 oz plastic coke bottle with a nail hole in the lid
      takes the place of the handy dandy pump oiler..squeeze and go
      I like it like that !
      and, It's like that now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Re: PUMP OILERS

        I get good service out of the RIDGID pump oilers. If you are buying the knock off brands that could very well be the problem. Quality clean oil, an intact screen on the pick up line, and someone that is not trying to abuse the tools is all that is required. Oil does wear out and needs to be replaces also. Need to have an intact screen in the chip pan. Keep the rain and spit out of your oil.

        What kind of problems are you having and what type of threader are you using?


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          Re: PUMP OILERS

          Gotta agree with G3Sprinklers, I can't remember having many if any problems with RIDGID oilers.
          Just need to keep them clean and don't abuse them. If that's too much to ask of your employees
          (as they see it) then dump them and get someone a little more cost conscience as that guy is probably
          costing you money somewhere else too.
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            Re: PUMP OILERS

            Ridgid never a problem and It's OLD !
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