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    I took my "Rockwell 314 trim saw into a repair center today, Needs a new power cord, service and brushes, and had a very intesting talk with the owne of 24 years. He has the idea that HD now "ownes" Ridgid. Well needless to say I junped in and related what this fourm has had to say about that. His reply was look what HD has one to Delta and Black and Decker. What ? He says that HD wants a lower quality tool so they can sell more..and that all tool and other vendors place their items in on consignment, If they sell ok, ifnot they dump the item. this to me is a little un-nerving to say the least.. I do hope that RIDGID does NOT folow this trend as it as far as I know their "undoing". Ridgid, listen up, and keep our QUALITY where is should be and not anotyer JUNK TOOL. He said in five or so years Ridgid will be a thing of the past. If Ridgid upsets HD they will dump them and where will Ridgid be then.. Food for thought?? of a fable?? Jake will you respond ASAP as to where you and Emerson fit in..Dick Nelson

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    "Look what Home Depot has done to Delta"...


    I shall be certain to share that with a friend who is a Project Engineer at Delta/Porter-Cable.

    I hope the Gentleman is good at replacing brushes, Doc...



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      Dave, If you look at this and other Web sites I think that Ridgid should take out some MAJOR advertisment and let people know what is the truth and what is fiction. I have talked with many at HD and others who, I feel, Just do not understand why compaines like Emerson / ridgid get into "distrubership agrements" and what the out come is / can be / maybe be. All of the adverse coments do not help anyome. I am not knocking Ridgid but it is time to seperate the ---- from the truth. I personaly like Ridgid and would purchace their products as warrented / needed / liked for the simple reason that I do believe in them. Unlike Sears and others who can make or break a product through their "business" deals and supplier warrenties. My lathe moter started to raise hell, I called Jake and in a few days I had a new one, that is SERVICE and taking responsibility for ones product. No hassel or bullshit and maybies' you did or did not do this or that. Ridgid RULES !!!


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        All I can say is that we are in a comfortable position with Home Depot. There are some growing pains here and there but nothing major to warrent worrying about losing the RIDGID tool line.


        BTW I avoid posting on other discussion forums for two reasons. One I don't think it is right for me to come on as a rep for a company and post on a private web site. Second since product development is my main job, I just do not have time to check all the discussion forums that are out there.


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          Doc, I don't think RIDGID could hire ads in, say, "WOOD" magazine and say that half of what you hear about them at Home Depot is bunk. Probably wouldn't make for good vendor relations, you know? I could speculate on why ETC likes exclusive marketing agreements, but it would be just that and therefore worthless.

          As a hobby, I spend a little time selling at a woodworking store. I've had people tell me the gol-darnedest things, that they've heard "elsewhere". They say the only thing that travels faster than light is rumor, and then only when false.

          I'm gratified to see that, over the past three years or so, RIDGID has built a following on the on-line forums. Only way that has happened is by their building a good product that pleases a lot more people than it disappoints.

          (so, did you hear that....... )


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            I don't think even the employees at Home Depot know the story. A Home Depot employee once told me that Ridgid was owned by Home Depot and Ridgid was their brand. Of course that was back when even I didn't know any better, so I believed him.

            I did walk out of the store with a Ridgid 12" mitre saw though...

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              Just to add a little more confusion to the pot. Lowes and HD (probably others, but I know about these two) also are putting their logos on other name brand merchandise as an exclusive dealer. Zep at HD, and another cleaning supplies manufacturer at Lowes. Zep has been a commercial chemical supplier to industry for a long time and makes some very good stuff. But, they have always sold through salesmen, and according to the district manager in my area, they will continue. The stuff in HD is not the commercial grade.
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                It like when I walk into an hd store I look at the ridgid set up. Some are good some need some work.
                Andy B.