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well the experiment is at the next step....

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  • well the experiment is at the next step....

    I started by mixing Durhams Water Putty and with water and adding a little bit of Minwax Water Based stain for color. Blended well, but was still noticable.

    I finally had a project in which I could try it so I mixed my Durham's water putty with ONLY minwax water based stain. Well it worked (somewhat, the color i was using was oriental ginger which is pretty close to the color of the putty itself, will have to try with a some different colors.

    Learned a few things. First, for those of you familiar with the product, you mix it with water and you are essentially done. what you don't use, even if sealed in a container/jar hardens. When mixed with ONLY the water based stain, when covered it remains useable (it has been 3 days and it is still soft and putty like).

    As far as it blending, it blends better than ANY other putty that claims to be "stainable" definately less noticable, but you can still see it in the softer woods. I am currently doing a project with pine and oak. The holes in the pine were very small, so i used the putty. the oak, i drilled the holes out with a forstner bit and cut plugs from the same stock, the putty mixed with stain only blended those plugs almost perfectly.

    My goal is to figure out how to putty and stain with an unnoticable blend.

    what i am going to do next time, is take a mortar and pedstle and grind up sawdust from the same wood i am using. i will mix that in with the Durhams and use minwax water based only and i think that will be the perfect blend.

    I will let you all know

    Happy Holidays!


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    Well i must say i am impressed.

    I mixed some durhams water putty up with some minwax water based stain as mentioned before, i mixed it in a medical specimine bottle i bought at a local home medical supply store, and low and behold it is still soft. On the flip side, the places i filled on my woodwork/window sill after a few coats of stain are 100% unnoticable. Now these are just small nail holes and the seams on some oak plugs cut into place, but you can not see the repairs! and it did not require sawdust. It took a little between coat sanding but you can not tell where the plugs or the hole are! and now when i install them, i have the exact same color putty still soft to fill in the holes and touch up. Too cool. And i have yet to try it with sawdust.

    and for the i do not work for Durham's....but i guess, like that clown on the wendy's commercials i am their "unofficial spokesperson"!

    Happy Holidays


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      Space, Thanks for the info and the follow up. I will give it a try on my next project where needed.
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