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  • rigid radio?

    I heard a rumor that rigid might be coming out with a radio to compete with dewalt and milwaukee. I was wondering if any one heard anything, and if so what is going on!

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    I haven't heard any info about a radio. However, I did ask the Ridgid tool rep at the HD Contractor Appreciation Lunch last week if she knew anything about a Ridgid radio. Unfortunately, she didn't. She did say that "these tools are all so new that no one knows for sure what they're going to make". I did manage score two free Ridgid t-shirts - very cool. But I do want a Ridgid radio if they make one that will come with an 18v battery that interchages with my drill, circular saw, and recip saw! Very good tools, Ridgid! Way to go!

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      I wanted a radio too that used the same batteries as my tools so I went with the miwaukee 5 pack combo, if Ridgid had a radio I might have gone with them given the lifetime warranty but you cant go wrong with Milwaukee anyhow.


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        In my line of work (remodeling & construction) I really need the lifetime warranty. I work at Sears Hardware one night a week (for the discount) and I own EVERYTHING Craftsman. However, I recently broke my laser guided 10" compound miter saw. It was a manufactures defect (the aluminum base broke) and I took it back to my store. My manager said, "I know what you do for a living. You're a carpenter. You only get a 90 day warranty."

        Needless to say, I was ticked off! I needed a saw for the next days job, so I went to Home Depot and bought a new 12" compound miter saw with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! (I did order the $50 part to fix my Craftsman saw because I don't want to waste it.)

        But here's the kicker... While I was at HD, I bought the combo kit becasue I was sold on the lifetime warranty of the tools AND the batteries! My boss wasn't too happy when I mentioned that I won't be buying the Craftsman tool combo! I will still buy their hand tools, but for power tools... hello RIDGID!

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          hey snick that is one awsome radio.