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  • Free HD Gift Cards

    When I was at the local HD today, I saw they have a special hand tool deal. If you buy so many $ worth of hand tools, you can get a free HD gift card anywhere from $10 up to $80. I was thinking of getting the new Ridgid circular saw and I'll get a free $40 gift card for buying it. Looks like you have to send in a form and a copy of the receipt and they will mail you the gift card.
    I hope that doesn't take as long as the 10% off coupon for new move-ins. I'll be an old-timer in the neighborhood before I get that.

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    does not include power tools. HAND TOOLS only.
    So your purchase of the circular saw does not count.


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      I asked te clerk that same question and she said all tools. Another well trained HD employee!


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        HD employees are sometimes worthless. I pickup an actually form w/ the fine prints.

        And it does not include power tools. You will be sad when you try to send in your receipt and get rejected for any gift cards.

        I think the best deal is to buy a 25 dollar hand tool and get a 10 dollar gift card.

        - J


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          Just to follow up on this "deal" from HD. I did purchase over $25 in hand tools (2 items) that qualified as hand tools as stated on the coupon. But my request for a gift coupon was determined to be unqualified. Even though they didn't specifically say it on the coupon, I think that it had to be ONE tool costing $25 or more to qualify for the $5 gift card.


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            I just got my $40 HD gift card in the mail today. I bought some Jorgy clamps and a couple small things to bring the total purchase to just over $100, so you don't have to purchase a single item to get the gift card. Yours must have been denied for some other reason.

            "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06