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Where are/will the Ridgid hand tools be made?

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  • Where are/will the Ridgid hand tools be made?

    I have been using and buying Ridgid hand tools like pipe wrenches for years.
    I see now that some of their woodworking tools are made over seas.

    Where are the new Ridgid hand tools like adjustable wrenches and pliers made?

    The main reasons I have purchased Ridgid tools is that they have been high quality
    and made in the USA. I have always thought they were a bit pricey but worth it. If Ridgid
    starts making their tools over seas I will probably not purchase them any longer. I am tired of
    seeing our companys and jobs move over seas.


    Bill T.

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    All of us associated with the RIDGID brand are very proud of our heritage and take pride in making tools in the United States. Some product categories, such as the power tools, have become so competitive and pressured by the retailing channels that the only way for manufacturer's to survive is to move product overseas. While that is not a pretty picture it is what drives the availability of so many tools at affordable prices.

    The core plumbing, pipe working and drain cleaning tools that RIDGID offers you are made in the United States, Ireland, Germany,and Switerland; just as they have been for over 80 years. To answer your question on the adjustable wrenches, they are made in the USA.


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      may we know where the ridgid power tools are made from?


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        This subject has been pretty much beat to death. May I suggest you utilize the "Search" feature. I'm sure you'll find plenty of info. Try using "where are they made" as a search subject.
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