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  • Ridgid Sales Centers?

    With Ridgid dropping sponsorship of the HD car, is there a chance that you may also start selling your woodworking line at other outlets besides HD? I enjoy HD but their tool prices are always poor and they rarely have any kind of sale pricing. I would love to see some competition make some bargains appear. I would have bought the 1250 miter by now if I felt I was getting the BEST possible price instead of the ONLY possible price. Thanks!

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    Amen to that! I have been hovering around the Ridgid 14" band saw, drill press and 6" jointer at the local HD, hoping they would put them up for special sale of some kind, or for any of the floor models to be sold. Perhaps...if I get lucky in my next life! So far I have been enjoying the TS2424, the TP1300 and their 16 gal wet/dry vac and a handful of wrenches, and hoping it will stay that way.

    Most unfortunate that HD misses out on promoting a really good line of Ridgid products by letting the floor models gather dust in the corner, or worst, let them fall apart after a hundred kids and their dads fiddle with them.. Personally, at least to me, good presentation makes a big difference. Just my 2c...many thanks


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      Dustmaker, I agree that the models are dusty and missing parts. But where I live there are not enough HD employees around to dust or clean them. However, after your car sits in the garage for awhile it collects dust also, You then get it washed and it runs like new. Same with the tools.


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        I was at the St Augustine ,Fl HD today. the Ridgid display was somewhat ok, BUT there was NOT ANY ONE who could help a customer about the TS224 or 2412, there was NO TS 2412. I talked with this gentelman for over 45 minutes, which I do not mond, as he wqas looking for a TS that would meet his needs. After find ont his wants I sugested tha the join this WEB and get an education. He wants to do cabonet work and was looking at a "bench top" Delta & Skill. I related to him my thoughts on the TS2412 & TS2424. He said that he would be saving to get either one, not sure yet. I feel that IF both units where there( [img]tongue.gif[/img] only TS2414LS) he JUST MIGHT HAVE MADE THE "BUY" on the spot. HD needs to have both of them and SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS WHAT. I tried and only time will tell. JAKE, HD WAKE UP and get it together!! [img]redface.gif[/img] Docdick ( Dick Nelson )


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          Please, Please, Please dump Home Depot.
          I was going to purchase a Ts2424 Saw, but just couldn't deal with the incomptence,poor personal
          skills,displays in a state of disarray and lack of product knowledge of the HD Staff(I'm talking 4 different stores in the Boston,MA area.) Bought a competitor's model.
          They were totally confused by my request for a replacement filter for a Rigid Tv3000 tool vac. "We don't have those"
          I just recently had to show the "Flooring expert" (his words not mine) how to calculate square feet into square yards and vice versa. He gave me a job estimate on linoleum for a 12' x 12' room. 144 square yards at 19.00 a yard. Try 16 yards. They Truly s**K.
          I like the Rigid tools, but I just won't be doing business with HD. HD is doing Rigid a disservice.


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            For what my little 2 cents is worth, don't drop HD. I am in small town Saskatchewan and the management to the HD here are awesome. They know what customer service is. Atleast 30% of staff have forgotten more than I will ever learn. Ridgid display is well maintained (by Ridgid rep) Meet the rep breifly today well he was setting up the new 3613 table saw. I garantee you that I will never run into a Delta, Dewalt etc rep there.

            Seems like the strategic partnership is working atleast in Saskatchewan


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              One of my favorite things on television are those spots at the end of the year where they review pundits' predictions made the previous year that turned out to be far off the mark, some hilariously so. So I'll offer my own prediction and a year or two from know we'll all maybe get a laugh.

              I predict that the Ridgid/Home Depot relationship is not long for this world.

              Home Depot is not really a retailer; it is, rather, a warehouse distributor. It is a great place to buy Senco nails, paint supplies, miscellaneous electrical parts, and low-grade lumber, but it is oriented toward moving boxes, not selling their contents. Home Depot's strength is in fulfilling the orders of people who walk into the store knowing exactly what they want.

              Ridgid makes a line of tools. In each category, they are competing with people who make what appear to be similar tools, though in my experience in subtle but important ways the Ridgid tools are better designed and better executed than their comparable competitor's versions of the same tool in the same class. The difference is that the other manufacturers engage in fierce marketing, while Ridgid relies on the salesmanship of an outfit that doesn't do a good job of selling because, ultimately, it isn't in the selling business. I have little doubt that Ridgid's sales numbers are far below what the value of their products would indicate they should be. When Ridgid realizes this and the reason why it is so, as I believe they will since the Company seems pretty sharp, they will make a change.

              Now, I'm sure there are exceptions. It appears from JohnB's comment that Saskatchewan is an exception, and I'll state for the record that the H-D in Everett, Massachusetts is sort of an exception: the tool section is run by an older guy who loves tools, knows tools, and loves sharing what he knows. But exceptions don't negate the rule, and the rule is hurting Ridgid.


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                The absolute worst home depot i have ever been to is the one in Oxnard, California. Dirty store, inconsiderate staff, slow cashiers, poor stock and i am surprised they are allowed to call themselves home depot. This store is about 8 miles from my house, the next closest one was in thousand oaks, which was about another 15 miles out. i was a regular at that store until the one in camarillo opened. With the exception of Oxnard i have never been to a bad home depot store (here in california or home in the midwest).


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                  I dislike the fact that you have to hit every HD in town (Dallas) to get a look at the whole line....not one store here has the entire stock. Knowledge of tools in HD's is an oxymoron....not one of them knows half what most of us do. It's really sad to see. The only problem with Ridgid going on their own would be the cost of opening stores and maintaining a staff. I think Lowe's would be a much better choice if they stuck with the big boxes.....
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                    I'm not a fan of HD but I'm not sure what would be better. Take Dewalt and their 746 saw find a store that has them. They were in Lowes but Lowes doesn't have them on the floor anymore, Woodcraft has them but those stores are few and far between. I did see one in one Sears but that was unusual.

                    Unless Ridgid is willing to open a local tool stores I'm not sure pulling their equipment out of HD would be all that good of an idea.

                    One thing I would do is check up on what Ridgid local dealer reps are doing. Since I complained on the forum about the poor condition of Ridgid displays in Tampa I have seen a marked improvment. Still not to the level of some of the other vendors but better.

                    Ridgid can offer incentives to sales people to improve HD employee knowledge, they can get their dealer reps motivated getting them into the stores and around customers, they can offer sales incentives to customers, they can do equipment demos. All these tend to make merchandise move.

                    While HD might not be the best place, short of going back into Sears it probably is the next best.

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                    Rev Ed


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                      As far as Lowes is concerned, I find their prices higher in most cases, their stores are cleaner however, and as for Woodcraft, their prices are higher still....probably need to stay with Home Dump and just tune them up!
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                        its a good idea to for HD guys take some constant training at ridge tool. thats what i did too...


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                          Ridgid will always be at HD as long as Ryobi is an exclusive brand. Hd loves to have exclusive items and brands. Since TTi bought the rights to manufacture Ridgid tools and HD owns 49% of TTi it would only be clear that Ridgid will be theere as long as HD has it's hand in TTi's matters.


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                            Can you point us where we all can view that HD has a 49% interest in TTI?

                            This would explain a great many things we all don't understand during the past 6 months!
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                              I was looking through all of Ridgid's outlets on their web site and found one or two that sold the 3650. Only thing it was mail order, I think, and the price was $650. Not sure I want to pay extra for Ridgid tools.