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Why does Home Depot has the Ridgid Rights

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    When I was working in Jacksonville I used thelane Ave and the wellls Road stores. My pick was Wells Road. If I had reason to go to Gainesville it was ok, but with the store in St Augustine which is nearer to Palatka I go there. Theeir RIDGID display is opk some days and others it is BAD. I have raised son\me HELL with them form time to time and Has done some good I think. The aytona Store is like others up one time and down others. As for now I go to St Augustine where I am buying materials to build my extension. Bought, yesterday a PC Combo compressor W/ Framing nailer. I have tried both for a tset run am VERY PLEASD. My wife & Iactually had a converdsation by the compressor while it was runing. PC, I will gibvbe then a 10 on a scale of 1-5 onthis. As for the Framing Nail gug the test was great as I have NEVE used one befor yesterday. I got my cypress today 108 pcs. 8" &b 10' riught cut. Adversge morsture was 12%. Have run all 8' one side throughg the PLANER set at 1" will do the 12" tomorrow anmd then start over with the 8" to 7/8" and then to 3/4". Hope to get this mdone this week. Hot today, and loardin & unloading was a real job. My friend Mike has just finished chemo & radition and he does not work real fast, but a God send to me at this time. God Bles, Dick [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      Watch yourself out there Docdick. Remember to take in a bunch of fluids if you're outside for long. I know from experience how that heat can sneak up on you fast and before you know it.....TROUBLE.

      Take care and good luck,
      Wood Dog


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        I too have been at some HD stores that have had some different looking displays. And I agree that some need some work. But I believe that the reps. that work for ridgid have many stores to service. So we can't fully blame them. HD employees have to help them also. You guys on this site should not making comments about the ridgid reps. I happen to know my rep. and he has sold me all of my shop.

        Thank you


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          Everybody keeps mentioning the Ridgid Reps that call on HD. Are they available to us the consumers for insight and information?

          How do we find out who they are and when they will be at HD.

          Any chance of them doing a “class” similar to a HD class on ceramic tile etc?

          An educated consumer is a valuable consumer!

          I would enjoy chatting with them. How about a monthly or quaterly regional RUG (Ridgid Users Group) meeting?

          How many of you would particapate??????

          [img]smile.gif[/img] or or or or ?
          Every project I start is a gamble.


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            Great idea OR!

            I would love to have and use a resource like that.

            Wood Dog