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  • Who owns Rigid?

    I recently purchased some Rigid tools. They have worked well for me in the past, and I expected nothing less from them in the future. Not long after my purchase do I run into a guy who tells my this horror story of how Home Depot pillaged Rigid. He said Home Depot signed a huge contract with Rigid, and once Rigid tooled up for it, Home Depot pulled out leaving Rigid broken. Home Depot then when back to Rigid and bought them for fifty cents on the dollar.

    It was a great story told with plenty of emotion, however, I just couldn't get behind it. So I've been looking online for an answer. Now I'm more confused than before. I don't know if Emerson owns Rigid, or if Rigid owns Home Depot, or if Ryobi owns craftsmen who owns One World Techonology who owns Rigid, or what? Could anyone help clear things up for me. I'm just really curious now.
    Thanks Drew

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    Oh, and the company is Ridge Tool. The product line is RIDGID, not Rigid.

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      I sure hope that guy wasn't your financial advisor.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        The "gotoemerson" link pretty much says it all: Emerson Electric owns Ridge Tool and the "Ridgid" brand name. Emerson also makes some (but not all) of the tools sold under the "Craftsman" brand. As pointed out in the Emerson news release, the new "Orange" Ridgid tool line is made under license by TekTronics International (TTI) which is based in Hongkong. TTI is the parent company of Ryobi and One World Technologies (OWT). I'm not sure of the relationship between OWT and Ryobi other than they are both in the same locale and they are both owned by TTI. Ryobi also makes some (but not all) of the power tools sold under the "Craftsman" name. To continue the "marriage", if you call Craftsman's service line, you will be talking to Ryobi Technical Support people. I believe, but am not certain, that the same is true if you call Ridgid's service line. At least that was the case when I called with a question about my Ridgid R2600 Orbital Sander and also my old Craftsman Router.

        Both Ridgid and Ryobi power woodworking tools are sold exclusively by Home Depot. Unfortunately (in my opinion, anyway) that give HD a lot of clout and too much of a say in what gets carried where. I know my local HD doesn't carry a full line of either brand. Other than that, I haven't been able to discover (although rumor has it) whether or not HD owns any share of either tool manufacturer.

        It's getting to be a small world,



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          Thanks for clearing things up for me CWSmith. I always forget about Ridge putting out Rigid. There's too many players in this game for me to keep straight.

          I think my only concern was that I bought my tools at a local supply store to show support, and I didn't want a piece of the pie to get back to Home Depot. I'm not against HD (not that it would do any good if I was) I just don't want to see the mom and pop stores go, and I don't want HD permeating my life to that extent. Drew


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            Ok, Ridge Tool puts out RIDGID. Sorry


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              it gets so confusing nowadays on who owns whos.. i just hope ridge tool will not move all its factories to china..


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                I doubt Ridgid will move its manufacturing to China...Their tools are already there...but they are not making them...TTI is. the hand tools is what will stay american


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                  Coming from a former employee of Emerson Electric(Ridgid and Ridge Tool co.) and currently an employee of T.T.I.(TechTronic Ind.) I can tell you all benchtop,stationary, and hand held tools(drills,sanders,saws,etc...)are manufactred by T.T.I. with the exception of four tools which are made in Germany by Metabo for us. T.T.I. also does some private label for Sears Craftsman and a small amount of Mastercraft for Canadian Tire(Canada only) to their spec requests.Other than the four tools made in Germany all other tools are made in either Taiwan or China(except Ryobi routers -they are made in South Carolina,USA). But you must remember these tools are made in our own manufacturing plants not by a manufacterer who is making for every Tom,Dick,and Harry. The quality control is tighter and by producing in house we can keep costs down and in turn relay a cheaper cost to the consumer.Also, T.T.I.purchased all the tooling(moulds)from Emerson Electric when they bought that division from them so the tools are pretty much the same except for the colour change and a few improvements they made on certain tools(and we lowered the prices on most tools). Emerson Electric still makes the wet/dry vacuums and air filtration units and Ridge Tool(a div. of Emerson Electric) is still making all plumbing tools and devices. Hope I've answered your questions without too much detail.


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                    "four tools which are made in Germany by Metabo"

                    What are those four tools?


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                      Bob, I know that the 6" ROS R2610 and the Jig Saw R3120 are because they say made in Germany on mine. The Angle grinder R1000 looks like it is

                      And the Drills R7100 maybe others


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                        A quote fron Thomasnet industrial news:

                        RIDGID® is a registered trademark of Ridgid, Inc., part of Emerson Professional Tools, a business of St. Louis-based Emerson (NYSE: EMR). The tools are designed and manufactured by OWT Industries, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TechTronic Industries Company Limited (TTI) (HKEx stock code 669; ADR symbol TTNDY).RIDGID® professional power tools are available at The Home Depot in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as in industrial supply centers across the United States.


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                          That article is somewhat misleading, Trent. While it is correct about the powered hand and stationary tools sold at Home Depot, and made for RIDGID (PPT), it is not true of products made by the Ridge Tool Company. All of the RIDGID pipeworking, plumbing, and other professional RIDGID tools are made here in Elyria, Ohio (and Orange, Virginia), and have been since 1923.

                          The only products that you see in Home Depot that come from here are the drain cleaning equipment, tubing tools, pipe wrenches, and the threading machine used in the plumbing aisle. The rest of the products are only sold through plumbing and professional tool distributors.

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                            Thank you for clearing that up Steve.

                            As an industrial plumber it is important to keep as much of our manufacturing base in the USA as possible. I am a huge fan of your pipe threading ond machining equpiment as well as the other trade tools you make..your threading equipment have no equal.

                            That said however, more than a few Americans are rightly concerned about the lose of our nations industrial base and industrial ownership. I think Milwaukee may now be a step brother to you through this new global industrial conglomeration TTI. With everyones tools being made by one or two different companies that leaves little room for for competitive innovation.
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                              eventually, most branded tools would be made in china anyway..