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    I am aware of and agree with you on that issue Plumber, but as I said it is the price of entering the contest. Somewhere in the fine print I'm sure you are giving away your right to not be called suring dinner by some sales smuck and to have your face plastered all over the media if you win.

    They may be giving you a prize but they are not giving it away, at least not without getting something in return, some of which are; advertising rights, the right to recoup some of their contest expenses by selling your name to a direct marketing list, etc.

    And here it is from the rules;

    "... Except where prohibited by law, acceptance of prize constitutes permission to use the winner's name, biographical information and/or likeness for purposes of advertising, trade and promotion without further compensation. Selected entrants who are Canadian residents will be required to correctly answer without assistance of any kind, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered by mail or telephone in order to win.... "

    and also this bit further down;

    "...[c] consent to the capture and use of all identifying information contained on the official entry form for any and all marketing purposes by the Sponsor..."

    There was a thread that ran here not long ago about billing for running a camera down a line or not. Some guys do and some don't bill for the service, but ALL of them cover the cost somewhere in their price, they don't truely give it away. A promotion or contest is no different to a bean counter, the cost of it comes out of the customers pocket somehow.

    Just for the heck of it, I found the sweepstakes web page and was able to enter today for a sweeps that entered over 2 months ago.

    I also found that to get a copy of the winners list you need to submit your request so it arrives before 10/26/05. That's how they get around not sending out a list to everyone.

    "WINNER LIST: For a winners list, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to be received by October 26, 2005 to: RIDGID WINNERS, PO Box 3209, Dept. WL, St. Cloud, MN 56397-3209."

    Another interesting tidbit about the sweeps rules is the email address given for questions if a Home Depot email address, not TTI or Ridgid, even though the promotion is being conducted by Ridgid.
    So why does a section of the rules read as below?

    5. MISCELLANEOUS CONDITIONS: When you participate in a survey or enter a contest or sweepstakes at a The Home Depot store, a The Home Depot sponsored event or through our Sites, we may collect your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We use this information to administer your participation in a contest or sweepstakes. At the time you are entering a contest or sweepstakes, we may ask your permission to send you future marketing information from The Home Depot. We want to assure you that The Home Depot is dedicated to protecting your privacy.

    You can contact us or otherwise communicate your privacy concerns by:
    * Call us at 1-800-553-3199
    * Fax us at 1-877-496-9470
    * E-mail us at
    * Accessing your registration information on our Sites
    * Registering or changing your privacy preferences at
    * Writing us at the address below (please include your e-mail address and phone number with your correspondence along with the information needed to support your request):

    For Residents of the United States, Mexico and other countries:

    The Home Depot, Inc.
    Attention: Privacy Official
    Customer Care
    2455 Paces Ferry Road
    Atlanta, GA 30339-4024

    Makes you wonder who owns who?

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      So if someone from Canada wins, all Ridgid has to do is ask them a hard math question, give them 2 seconds to answer and if they are not correct then Ridgid gets to keep their motorcycle and table saw. No winners and Ridgid has a free mailing list to sell. Thats a pretty sleazy loophole to write into the rules. Hopefully someone actually won something.

      Perhaps Ridgid is awaiting a good time to begin a particular advertising program that will include the winner of their prizes and that time has not yet occured.
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        Perhaps one of our knowledgeable members from up North will chime in on this and set us straight, but I suspect it has to do with some law that says you have to actually do something to win. Like answer a math question such as: " What is the product of 3 times 10? " or " What is the square root of 9? ".


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          That is advanced math aint it?
          Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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            Yeah, really.

            Seriously, I believe the purpose of it is to be just enough legally that they can claim they performed some task to qualify for the contest. It is a work around to some law or makes the contest entry valid per some law or ruling.


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              I will be posting the winners on the forum ASAP Probably Tuesday the 3rd. This was overlooked and we are sorry for not letting you know.



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                Grand Prize:
                Joe G., Rumford RI

                First Prize:
                Kathleen W., Newton NH

                Second Prize:
                Randall A., Farmington Hills, MI
                Jim Y., Youngstown, OH
                Lloyd S., Midland, MI
                Sylvia B., Huntsville, AL
                Scott Y., Liberty, TX