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Woodsmith Grand Opening/Des Moines

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  • Woodsmith Grand Opening/Des Moines

    I got to go to the Woodsmith Grand opening last Sat. It is a totally wonderfull store and the tents for all the other tool brands were great! They said they were giving away freebies to the first 100 people so greedy ole me I grabbed LOML and left for Des Moines on Fri. night. Did anyone else go? It was my LOML's B'day and she spent 2/3's of Sat. at the Woodsmith Store. She actually bought more stuff than I did and wants to go back. Saw Rick Rosendahl and he was using a new PC battery powered router with a 1/2" arbour. His show was abut a couple Hrs. long and he never changed the batts. At this time he said this was his first demo with this router. Only Ridgid was missing, Festool was there as were all the others. Like to hear others comments also! Rick