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Survey Question:removal of safety features

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  • Survey Question:removal of safety features

    How many power tools do you remove the safety features from?

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    for the most part,most of my power tools have the safety guards on. I only remove them when the job warrants it.



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      Just the OEM blade gaurd on the table saw.
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        for my part, I have always left safety features on my tools....with the exception: I have a Makita cordless recip. saw. It has a slide lock behind the trigger that you have to move to hit the trigger. It never has worked smooth, and would hang up when you tried to move it (move with one finger and another on the trigger, real awkward) so one day was working on a project and having some difficulty and the recip. saw started hanging up, so I just pried the little sucker out and threw it away.....BIG mistake now if you are not careful, just picking up the saw it will come on....I have learned my lesson.
        \"Aarrgh, sliver me timbers\"<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          i have a craftsman table saw and i tossed the blade gard the first day and made my own. i only remove it if its in the way. i dont use a bit gaurd on the router table. all my other tools have the gaurds on full time like the bandsaw and the jointer for instance.


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            Like most of us, I immediately removed the blade guard on my table saw and consigned it to the scrap bin. I kept my splitter and anti kick back pawls as they perform a function and don't interfere with the use of the saw. If someone would design a decent blade guard I would use it. The ones that come with the saws are junk designed by the Lawyers.



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              my blade guard for my table saw is still in the original box. will be an antique someday i am sure. i also pulled the plastic guard off my miter saw, but that is about to go back on. although it is a bit of an inconvienence to use the saw when it is on, i have cought my hand ending up a little to close to the blade because it is not there, for no other reason. so the miter saw stays, table saw goes. table saw in some ways is more dangerous with it installed, in my opinion


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                I leave my safty devives on everything I can and when removed, I will replace them as I can.


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                  "S-a-f-e-t-y" features.....I was wondering what those things were???

                  Kidding aside, I don't use my tools if the safety device/features are missing, dissabled, or broken. Hey, I may be wimp, but I still have all the parts I was born with , fingers crossed, knocked on wood, rubbed my rabbit foot, didn't yell fire in a crowded theater...
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