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    I am glad you have reduced your prices, In my opinion quality seems to be getting better and prices are lower, new products coming out, sounds like a win win for us all.

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    When did they lower prices? I've been watching with interest the price of the TS3650 and it's gone UP at HD! It was $547, now it's $569 at my local store and $579 online. PLUS, over the summer they had the $100 off if you spent over $500. So, by my reasoning, the prices have gone up a bunch!



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      Jig saw was 149 now 139, 6' ros was 149 now 139, basic prices lower, yes promotions lower the prices but you have to buy when they are on sale. I was speaking of overall lower, not sales or promotions. I have not seen a promo for dewalt or porter cable in a long while


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        Not that it covers everything, but most CMS by Dewalt have rebates right now, up to $75 for their 708 SCMS. Also, until yesterday, Porter-Cable had a $50 rebate if you spent over $300 ($25 if over $150). Not to mention the various "specials" at Amazon if you decide to purchase there ($25 off of many brands - including Dewalt and Porter-Cable if you spend over $199). I think Ridgid is actually behind right now because of the various promos that are going on and the fact that - for the most part - they are tied to HD...


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          Don't want to argue, just wanted to say that I am glad that the prices on the items I bought were lower than before. I am sure if you dig and shop long enough you can find deals on anything you want. I am just happy that I can stop by my local HD, get what I want, when I want it, and pay a fair price for a quality tool.