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Table saw 10" cast iron & steel

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  • Table saw 10" cast iron & steel

    This is the best that I have bought for my shop, had a 10" tabletop & another brand floor modle, ok but NOT EVEN close to this one.. add a 10" Chopmaster blade for cabinet work, CAN NOT BE BEAT !!
    Delta tennoning jig fits also after a small amount of refinement..I did my homework before I bought this saw and I am NOT sorry even a very tiney bit. I feel that I have
    THE BEST THANKS RIDGID.. I still use my ridgid pipe wrenches that I bought in 1956!!! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    I also just purchased a new 10" saw (contractor) with the mobility wheels hercules on it. Even though I love this saw there are a few drawbacks.
    1.the table extensions open concept. laminants catch etc. I do prefer solid so as a solution I am looking into the process of having a local tool co. fill it level with plastic.
    2. the dust collection system which you purchase extra needs some major improving.Presently boxing in my own with plexi and a hindged door to clean out any large pieces that get trapped.
    3.The way the fence connects at the rear of the machine makes it impossible to get close to the outfeed table.
    these are all minor problems to deal with but could be looked at to improve the saw in the future.