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    Here's some feedback for you. I buy a 12" sliding miter saw complete with the mobile cart and a TS 3650 table saw. I get everything assembled and working and when I am done (three days later) I sit down to fill out the card to receive the free Ridgid jacket and guess what? You need a stupid UPC code off the boxes I already threw away? What's wrong with this picture? I registered the serial numbers and have recepts for all this and you can't send me a jacket for the $1000+ dollars I just spent? I love the products, but still came away dissapointed.

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    Did you call Ridgid and explain what happened and that your tools are registered under your name? My guess is that something can be worked out if the documentation is there. Just about every manufacturers rebate requires that you send in the UPC code. Doesn't sound like Ridgid makes it any harder to qualify for their promo gift than anyone else does.
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      I had a similiar incident , i bought the 18 volt combo kit just before the ridgid jacket promotion and mailed ridgid and i explained to them this info along with a copy of the sales receipt and the upc from the box, guess what no jacket just a catalog....


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        Just posting my .02 - I did the same thing with the UPC. I was refused the in-store $50 card. I had bought the 3650 and 6" jointer. The jointer box got trashed before I had the TS assembled and sat down to fill out the forms. I called and was directed to post a request to CS for re-consideration. The answer was 'ts' and I don't means 'table saw'.