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WE NEED SURVEY IDEAS!!!! (***bribes inside***)

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    Are you still looking for ideas?

    How about:

    Where do you buy tools?
    (A) Major retailer (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc)
    (B) Local supply house
    (C) Online through the internet


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      Yes, We are still looking for survey ideas and we will continue looking for survey ideas in the future.

      Ok... we finally switched the survey. The previous survey was pretty unpopular so it took a long time to get answers.

      We went with Mike D's Suggestion for this survey. Mike wins his choice of a Calendar or Decal Set.

      Later, Josh


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        How about:

        How much time a week do you spend woodworking?

        a) 1-5 hr.
        b) 5-10 hr.
        c) 10-20 hr.
        d) It's my job!

        This sounded like an obvious survey question so I checked the archives to be sure it wasn't used already. I didn't see it and hope I didn't miss it.



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          which is the most commonly used pipe wrench a 10"
          b 14"
          c 18"


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            What was the first jig/accessory that you made for your table saw?

            A. Squaring board
            B. Miter Guage Extension
            C. Auxillary Fence
            D. Feather Board/Spring Board
            E. Push block/stick or Hold Down Device
            F. Tenoning Jig
            G. Outfeed table
            H. Other


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              What accessory would you like to see Ridgid offer next for their table saws?

              A. Tenon Jig
              B. Upgraded miter guage
              C. Router table attachment


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                How do you most often use your Ridgid woodworking tools?

                A. As my means of income (my job)
                B. Woodworking projects/hobby
                C. Repairs/improvements to my home

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                  If the sticker offer is still availible, I want to try one.

                  Which Nascar driver would you like to see carry the Rigid logo in 2002?
                  A) Tony Stewart
                  B) Sterling Marlin
                  C) Ricky Rudd
                  D) Kevin Harvick
                  E) Mark Martin

                  I would like to see Rigid as primary sponsor for either Tony or Kevin, but it would have to be on a Ford.
                  Just a 1/2 bubble off plumb.


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                    How would you rate the Ridgid website compared to others you have seen?

                    A)Excellent, unparalleled
                    B)Good, seen others comparable
                    C)Fair, seen others that are better
                    D)Bad, would not visit again

                    Next qusestion: same answers.

                    How would you rate the response and service from the Ridgid website?


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                      I use Ridgid workworking tools:
                      A) As a professional woodworker, in someone else's shop;
                      B) As a professional woodworker, in my own shop;
                      C) As a serious woodworking hobbyist;
                      D) As a occasional do-it-yourselfer.


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                        How often do you use a guard on your table saw?

                        a. Always
                        b. Never
                        c. Whenever practical
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                          How would you best improve Ridgid's woodworking presence at Home Depot?
                          a) More knoweldgeable Home Depot employees.
                          b) Neater Displays
                          c) More Promotions/Sale Prices
                          d) Separate Ridgid Section


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                            is your tool purchase primarily based on:

                            a: brand name
                            b: price
                            c: recommendation from friend
                            d: tool revue


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                              from whom will you make your next major tool purchase?

                              a: box box (like home depot or lowe's)
                              b: woodworking store (woodcraft, woodworkers warehouse, etc.)
                              c: local hardware or tool store
                              d: on line


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                                how do spend most of your time in the shop?

                                a: fulltime professional woodworker
                                b: professional handyman
                                c: woodworking projects for family and friends
                                d: home improvements and repairs

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