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WE NEED SURVEY IDEAS!!!! (***bribes inside***)

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    Do you think Ridgid should hand out better rewards for our suggestions other than a calender or decals?

    A) definitely agree, hand out better goodies
    B) adequate for us folk in the boonies
    C) don't need nuthin'


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      New Years Resolution
      A: lose weight, B: spend more time with my tools,C: spend more time with family, D:Travel more, E: live healthier


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        How Do you find the proper miter angle for a given project?

        1) Take 360 and divide the number of sides
        2) Take 360 and didive the munber of sides and add 10
        3) Take 180 and divide the number of sides
        4) Take 180 and divide the number of sides and add 10
        Dan<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          Here's a simple one..not sure if you've used it before:

          How many Ridgid brand tools do you own:
          A. 1-5
          B. 6-10
          C. More than 10


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            Here's one that should get you thinking. I wonder how many of you will get it right.

            True or False Oxygen is a flammable gas?????
            1) True
            2) False
            Dan<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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              I am new so please don't laugh....

              When starting a project, do you?

              A. Buy plans for it.
              B. Draw your own.
              C. Start building and see what becomes of it.
              D. Start building,start cutting,buy plans and then redraw them to what you want.


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                As customers of HD we should rate the RIDIG displays by stores and the best store should get a plaque or a certificate on a cycle of every two months, so that they are reconised for keeping the RIDGID name and products so the customer will see, touch and get good answers right away.. 1 Bad Display 2 a little better 3 somewhat ok 4 now your are getting there [img]smile.gif[/img] 5 Great Display


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                  How did you hear about the Ridgid Forum?

                  A) Word of mouth
                  B) Link from other site
                  C) Retailer / Authorized repair facility
                  D) Just happened to see link from Ridgid Homepage
                  Every project I start is a gamble.


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                    How does the Ridgid Forum influence your purchasing of tools?

                    A) Very Positive- [was part of reason to buy a Ridgid tool]

                    B) Somewhat Positive- [nice idea but had no part of decesion in purchase]

                    C] Somewhat Negative - [this site appears to be of no value]

                    D) Very Negative [people on this site must be out of work and need to get a life!]
                    Every project I start is a gamble.


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                      how many time do you refer people to this website?

                      A) once a day
                      B) once a week
                      C) once a month
                      D) You don't know what I'm talking about!
                      Andy B.


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                        the answer is to my questine is B
                        Andy B.


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                          No Assembly Required?

                          How about this question?

                          Would you be willing to pay 10% extra for a Ridgid Tool that was FACTORY ASSEMBLED and ready to use?

                          After assembling the TS2424 Table Saw, and the WL1200LS Lathe in a weekend I can tell you I would have gladly paid the extra cash to make chips all weekend rather than turning a wrench.

                          It may not be feasible shipping wise (though weight would be the same), but it sure would be nice. While the Home Depot offers an assembly option at the store, I would prefer to do it myself over having it assembled by a stocker they hired last week. (We are talking my fingers here). Not to mention that the factory assembly from Ridgid is excellent. Everything is right-on out of the box.

                          What do you think?


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                            If you had to choose one rigid tool
                            which one would you consider indespensible?

                            My first rigid tool was
                            1 a pipe wrench
                            2 a specialty wrench
                            3 a threader
                            4 a drain cleaner

                            Did you buy it on a recommendation or 'cause it was there?
                            1 recommendation
                            2 heard they were better
                            3 something just told me this is the one
                            4 hardware store had nothing else on display
                            \"The details are where you and your gods smile at each other...\"


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                              Andy B's survey question about "Referals to our site" was selected for the RIDGID survey. He will recieve his choice of a 2001-2002 RIDGID Pinup calendar or a selection of RIDGID decals.



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                                Three survey questions: #1 how many forums do you read or participate in? #2 Do you feel there is a need for more forums? #3Would you like to see a new: 1] woodworking forum 2] woodcraft forum (carving,burning etc) 3] tools (new, old, problems, tests etc) #4] tool swap and sell
                                \"Aarrgh, sliver me timbers\"<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>