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WE NEED SURVEY IDEAS!!!! (***bribes inside***)

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    And yet another!!

    Where do you do most of your Christmas shopping for the power tool user?

    A) Home Improvement Store (Home Depot, Menards, Lowe's, etc)
    B) Mass Merchandise Store (Walmart, K-Mart, Target, etc)
    C) Surplus Warehouse Store (Sam's Club, Cosco, etc)
    D) Other Store
    Why does it say paper jam when there eeeezzzz no paper jam!!!


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      Heres one, What percentage of website visitors are professionally involved in the trades?



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        How many routers do you have?
        A. 1
        B. 2
        C. 3
        D. 4
        E. 5 or more
        F. I don't know what a router is.
        Andy B.


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          With all the companies making router bits...what kind do you have and on a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate sharpness, durability, cost ! umm thats 3 surveys isn't it? lol
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            How much do tool reviews in magazines affect your purchases?

            A. Very Much, I buy the highest rated tool
            B. A fair bit, I buy the best rated tool that I can afford.
            C. Somewhat, I read the reviews carefully and decide for myself which tool has the features I'm looking for
            D. Not at all, I feel that the magazines give better reviews to companies that spend more on advertising.


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              What brand and type of auto do you use to transport your tools to the jobsite? What is it's fuel type?
              A. Ford, Chevy, GMC, Freighliner, etc..
              B. Van, box van, pickup,dump truck, car, minivan, etc..
              C. Diesel, gasoline, natural gas, bio- fuel, hydrogen, gas/electric, dual fuel?

              How many users think this forum would benefit from a spell check feature?
              Andrew S. DeCecco<br />Sunny D HVAC<br /><br />aim archblackmage


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                Josh, do you still run the RIDGID Survey?

                BTW, did Josephine make it into the calendar?
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                  yes we still run the ridgid survey on our site. it is along the left side of some of the main pages.



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                    How 'bout this survey to help the cordless tool designers out.

                    How would you rate the following factors in importance to a cordless tool.

                    1. Run time.
                    2. Power.
                    3. Weight.
                    4. Warranty.
                    5. Reliability.
                    6. Laser guide.
                    7. Work area light.
                    8. On board tool storage.

                    Some other ones might be, "User serviceable brushes", "service time responsiveness."

                    Might be real enlightening to your design team.