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WE NEED SURVEY IDEAS!!!! (***bribes inside***)

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  • WE NEED SURVEY IDEAS!!!! (***bribes inside***)

    Alright guys and girls... we need some ideas for future RIDGID Surveys. If you don't know what I am talking about take a look at our front page and in the middle of the page under the big worksite picture is a few lines about the RIDGID Survey. Take a look at all the results of the previous surveys. Some of them are pretty interesting. So if there has been a burning question that you would like to poll the RIDGID community on here's you chance to get it answered. Format your idea something like this...

    "What is your favorite color?"
    A. Red
    B. Green
    C. Blue

    *** We will use some of these survey ideas on our front page. As an incentive, each person who has a survey idea selected will receive their choice of a RIDGID calendar or an assortment of RIDGID decals. We will contact you when we use the idea. ***

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    Copper or PEX?

    Ask the hard one:
    Whose drain cleaning equipment do you use?
    A. General Wire
    B. Spartan
    C. Ridgid
    D. Others

    How often do you use chemicals to clear the clog?
    A. every time
    B. frequently
    C. seldom
    D. never


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      I will go out on a limb.

      How often do you shop at Home Depot?
      a. often, love it.
      b. last case scenario.
      c. never.


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        Thanks for the ideas. I will contact you when/if we use one of your survey ideas. I like the one about what brand of drain cleaner you use.

        Happy Holidays, Josh


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          How much do you spend each year on tools?

          a. $0-$200
          b. $200-$500
          c. $500-$1,000
          d. $1,000 and up



          • #6
            What type of wood do you perfer to work with?

            A) Oak
            B) Walnut
            C) Pine
            D) Other

            If other, What type...


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              Well it's time to switch the survey. We have selected Mark7's question:

              Whose drain cleaning equipment do you use?
              A. General Wire
              B. Spartan
              C. Ridgid
              D. Others

              He will recieve his choice of a RIDGID Calendar or an assortment of RIDGID decals

              **** Don't be discouraged if you didn't win this time!!!! If your survey idea is good we will eventually get around to using and you will win a prize. **** Great Ideas so Far!!!

              Congratz again Mark!


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                Where are ya at???? I went into the forum registrations and e-mailed you to ask you for your address and if you wanted the calendar or the decals. No response yet.... If you read this before you read your e-mail please e-mail me at with your address and choice of reward. Thanks, Josh


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                  Josephine's suggestion was selected as the new survey. Josephine, please contact Josh or myself via email so we can reward you.


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                    How much emphasis do you place on purchasing tools that are "Made In The USA"?
                    A - only purchase products made in the USA.
                    B - purchase imported & "made in the USA" products.
                    C - don't care where they are made.


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                      Stephen's survey question about "Made in the USA" was selected for the RIDGID survey. He will recieve his choice of a 2001-2002 RIDGID Pinup calendar or a selection of RIDGID decals.


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                        How old is your electric pipe threader?
                        0-5 years
                        6-10 years
                        11-15 years
                        16 or older


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                          When you purchase a new tool when do you read the instruction?
                          A: Befor using the tool
                          B: As you are trying the tool
                          C: only when all eles fails


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                            I am sure this will go in the survey at some point. Maybe this next week. Thanks for the suggestions. We'll contact you when we use it (for you free calendar). Josh


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                              How much time do you spend planning a major woodworking project compared to the actual time building it? Out of a possible 100 how many points would you assign to the following areas?

                              Preliminary planing