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    Looking for info or chatter on pro-lok what do i find???
    I was born in the U.S. of third gen of (white)imagrents(sp)who cares /I dont--and what do i find policits...
    Well one Bush served his country, to bad the son"s didnt..Had the loop holes been in place maybe the first na. -- lets give him the benifit of the doubt.. I 'm glad to know that Tx.was spared in the 60's Air -guard enlistee (one step (father)from the boot out And the Fastcows won't lose there mansion even though George'ie Boy is n't flying over head?? Or- is He ??
    I was imbarresed when in an off shore country trying to keep the commies out i was posed with the question why did (WE) have our President killed?? That was a wake up call (years later)with time to a fire you can,t see the cause till you stand back and look .
    Say Dom maybe in Cuss-Ta-Dee, Lie-beer-ria Renoun's terryis- I-Ran,N Cry-rea,Now we come to Syria--If your kids havent been called up for the draft yet and your not brain dead don't get your hopes too high, And N.K. knows it also,otherwise we we would have landed in the center of Pak-a-Stand and sealed boarders and taken both O Say Damm & O Soma Been Lauden---and his money people would be out of biss-ness ,opps
    now we're back to the pre-60's No goodies for the mass's . this time it is Oil-Farm-ma-suit- acls--(poor Rush!) i so liked--well and lets not forget the other fav-o-right's of the ladie's!!
    Di-man'S!!wraped in??
    You have why - what's- is in our best intrest?
    Then ,if your next door nayburr is beating the crap out of his wife/girl friend/kids/charge should I/-we stand by ? As i recall what was going on when Sr Bush was at the head table-no oil to be had- then you know Mr. C steped to the plate, and sent troops where? Shame on you all for not yelling And(the World) sooner.......
    Then there' S.F. The cartell is safe (Di-Man's)
    for now?? Aids ?? Cant't transfer thru that rock!!OIL!! Where? Maybe we should give that area another look ! Who's the fastest growing demand on this product???Ch---.Who ? Nixon's side let the Jennie out of the box! Know how many car's the kid can sell there?? Darn ! he dose'nt sell the off shore brand!!!!
    BUT!!!!!!!!They will have to flush !!!!!!!!!
    Now what i was looking for was commits of batt op'd Pro-Loc Good-ugly?? Dummy prof,Leak after what press,/vib's affect? Do's/Dont's ???
    Could'nt help my self you crossed my pot/non-potable line.. Seen kids/adults eating out of garbage dumps before?? I have,99.9 % of the the people in this country have no clue what our act's have caused around the the world (other countrys included) Greed ($$$$$$$$$$$$$)is the sword that is used!
    Ever herd of the Euro? Set up to off set what? ($) is--for now money of choice--for now. Why do we need free trade on this side of the water(North to South pole) pull those people income up and ours lowered (no i didnt miss speak) Down...We need some one to sell our goods/services too...
    Hi praise for Jr.he has learned how to read and keep his mouth shut(sometimes)or the real guy will have to come out of the bunker.
    Back to Pro-Loc ??
    Be safe
    The Flusher [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    So you want me to vote for Bush again, right?

    I was planning on it anyway.


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      You are speaking jibberish. I read your entire article, it's zipping back and forth and making no sense.

      Learn how to spell first, then have a view about this country. My guess is you're not from this country otherwise you'd be able to spell and articulate yourself a little better.

      Have a good day,



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        Whoa! Have another hit, Dude.
        This post has been up 20 days without comment. I figured it was like in the old western movies. If some white eyes was wandering around shouting gibberish the indians would all just back away and skedadel. (I know Gabby Hayes used that word but how do you spell it?) I didn't want to go near this untill I was sure it was dead.


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          skedadel = S K E D A D D L E (To flee in a panic) [img]smile.gif[/img]

          Gabby Hayes was by far the best of the best when it came to sidekicks.
          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.