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will ridgid still be here in 10 years?

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    Badger Dave,
    If you dont get your money's worth and instead get this kind of after sales service, I wonder what other tangent you will have.
    I came across this forum basically when I started looking for a table saw to replace my craftsman. And now I know what they mean by their lifetime agreement and I think it has a very limited use. They think it is another portable tool that you can carry around in your car and guys like you make them feel great for just giving out that agreement. You need to step into the shoes of the customer and look at it from that point of view.
    Maybe for some its a good alternative to regular exercise to keep jumping to conclusions. But tell yu what, my BS shakes because the lower wheel is out of balance, out of round and has runout. And so does the pulley attached to it. You can see them wobbling as they turn. And for your info, they came preassembled to the saw. So dont jump to conclusion that I assembled it incorrectly. It is a manufacturing defect and I expect Ridgid to take care of it without me having to carry it anywhere. I dont care what their warranty says.Yes I agree its my fault that(due to some personal reasons) I did not return it within the 90 day period.
    This particular discussion thread was whether Ridgid will be here in 10 years or not making WW tools. We are not discussing other manufacturers or what warranties they are giving. I expressed my views for Ridgid based on my experience with Ridgid product and their customer service. If my views can save all this aggravation for anyone,(Ridgid included) I think its worth it. Its better to have no customer than to have a dissatisfied one. I dont expect them to give me a gold medal for praising their tail. Maybe you do.


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      DSSOKHEY, You are continually complaining about Ridgid's service agreement yet you continue to ignore the fact that numerous posters here have informed you that no major tool manufacturer or dealer will provide on site service. You continue to slam Ridgid for some percieved wrong done to you real or imagined. Rigid will warranty the problem with your bandsaw, yet rather than work with the company to fix the issues you would rather whine and snivel and complain about how poorly you have been treated. Ridgid's requirement that you return the defective tool to them is in line with Industry standards. Numerous people on this forum have pointed this out to you yet you continue the whining and complaining. Grow up, suck it up princess and work with Ridgid to correct the issues with the bandsaw. If you are not part of the solution you are very definately part of the problem.


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        sad part is he more than likly doesnt even own the saw. and never did. i know if i had it and i had the "problem" that he has been having i would have one. make sure i did every thing right then two. taken the saw back either to get a new saw or to get my money backwith in the 90 days. but my guess is either he doesn't own the saw or he bought one second hand and that saw may have a problem.
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          I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, as you sound very frustrated with the bandsaw. Surely you are entitled to your opinion, even if we all think you are wrong (Isn't America great!).

          However, don't let your frustration get in the way of having Ridgid fix this problem. You no doubt paid good money for this tool and your misunderstanding/frustration is getting in the way of your getting the problem resolved. Ridgid will fix the problem I'm sure, but you really need to recognize the warranty and the service agreement as it is stated. Nobody is trying to blindside you or lead you astray.

          Sears is the only company that I'm aware of that offers "in-home" service on some limited products; but, even they, charge you extra for it. A case in point is the compressor I purchased last year need some service, still under the warranty... but I had to take it in, they sure don't service it in my home!!

          So, look up the nearest Ridgid service center, talk to the folks and try to reason things out with them, and get your band saw taken care of. Life is much to short to spend a lot of time fuming over what you "think" should be right.



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            If Ridgid is around in 10 years, maybe Black & Decker will own them ;-)

            Why not! They already own DeWalt, Delta and Porter Cable. LOL!!!


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              ...and TTI owns Ryobi, Ridgid and Milwaukee

              Originally posted by pinedust View Post
              If Ridgid is around in 10 years, maybe Black & Decker will own them ;-)

              Why not! They already own DeWalt, Delta and Porter Cable. LOL!!!
              ...and TTI owns Ryobi, Ridgid and Milwaukee.

              It is a good bet to say you will see more tool manufacturer consolidation in the coming years.

              Not sure about Black and Decker...TTI just hired their old President, Joseph Galli. TTI's Ryobi brand is probably the biggest competitor to Black and Decker. These guys are huge rivals and I suspect Galli is going to "come after" Black and Decker and DeWalt with new offerings in those lineups.
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                Just to set the record straight, TTI doe NOT own RIDGID/Ridge Tool.
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