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Posting Images To The Forum The Easy Way

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    Originally posted by Josh View Post
    Now that the new Forum Software is up and Running... here is the best way to post images and take advantage of some of the new built in features.


    1) Start your new thread then click on the icon that looks like this...

    2) This will pop up a window that lets you select the image you want to upload.

    3) After selecting the image you will see it show up under your post like this...

    4) To add additional attachments just click on the "Upload Attachments" and find them on your computer.

    If you stop here you will at least have the images attached to your thread for all to view. The cool thing is that you can easily insert your attachments into your post so they display inline like the images above.

    To Do this....

    5) Get your cursor to the part of your post where you want them image. Then simply click on the size you want the image to be inserted inline.


    1) Make sure you are logged in then start a new thread.

    2) Click the Blue Camera icon in the upper left of your text window to show the upload buttons.

    3) Next hit the upload button and select the image you want from your image gallery. This will upload and add the image to the post.

    4) Finish your message and post.

    That's all there is to it. Should work for all browsers. Enjoy.

    How ironic, my 1200 plus photos are in limbo just like the tutorial on how to post photos.

    Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of the picture posting/hosting issues. tons of informative photos are MIA.

    Isn't Ron going back to school for computer science. Let Ron give it a shot.


    phoebe it is


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      So no more copy and paste? Was so easy then.


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        Works Now on Android and Iphone From a cell phone always use the camera icon on the left when trying to upload an image.I added instructions for smart phones in the tutorial above.


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          Thanks. Very informative.


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            Really a usefull post for new members of the forums like me. Can anyone tell me where to start in this forum ?


            • PLUMBER RICK
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              Anywhere you would like. There is no formal intro page or post unless you want to introduce yourself to us.


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            Originally posted by richardbalston View Post
            Really a usefull post for new members of the forums like me. Can anyone tell me where to start in this forum ?

            From the beginning...