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  • Tried To Buy from Supplier

    I needed a new kitchen faucet for my downstairs kitchen and went to a local plumbing supply and showroom in town. Sign said open buts lights were barely on when a worker came out and said they had very little stock and nothing in my price range. All I said was that I was looking for a inexpensive unit. Went back to home depot and picked up a Kohler "Fort'e" model R10412-N-CP. $99 and installation was a breeze! Don't know how long it will holdup but it says lifetime limited warranty, guess I'll keep the box

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    I don't know Frankie. I think you may be DOOMED


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      I installed a Kohler 'Forte' a few years ago. Purchased from a supply house. I showed up to another customer's house the next day to install a kitchen faucet and it was another 'Forte'. I went to pick that heavy brass faucet up to install it and my hands shot up in the air with it. They had bought a cheap version from home depot and I didn't expect it to be that light. There was a startling difference.

      It lasted 4-5 years and they hired me to install another. This time I sold them a supply house version kitchen faucet.



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        As a homeowner I can risk installing a lesser quality unit, not that I didn't try to buy something better. I totally understand that as a professional you don't make money, or a good reputation by installing junk.


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          That doesn't stop a whole lot of them from installing crap anyway. What's the moral difference between selling a cheap faucet and pushing pex or propress?