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    I really like LED flashlights. That said, although I have more flashlights than I need, including the Ridgid LED tool light, I did not have a LED headlamp. Well, Happy Father's Day to me, I got a great LED headlamp today, thanks to my loving wife! This headlamp is the Coast HL27, and it is amazing! One button on and off, focus from tight to wide flood and infinite brightness control. I can light up a really big area, or focus the beam to a brighter spot. I really want this for hands free work, and it will be perfect. Oh, it uses three AA batteries, alkalines, or NIMH rechargeables.

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    Yes, they are great. I have one at work on my HH and it comes in handy when you get into dark areas of the building. Leaves both hands free to do whatever and also good when climbing not to have to hang on to a flashlight and try to climb a fixed ladder. I like the Black Diamond brand, but haven't tried to any others to compare.
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      Hands down,what flashlight would be best for looking down vent stacks to see if a drain is holding water ?