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can someone please help me!!

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  • can someone please help me!!

    I just purchased the ridgid job box 24x48 in and i installed the master lock #5 1 inch in the box and when i shut it, it will not open up despite the locks being unlocked!! I dont know what i did wrong. Did i not lock the locks before installing the u bolt to the lock shackle? I dont see why this would matter. One lock won't even lock when you push it in to lock it. My whole life is in here and i dont know how to get it open. Please help.

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    "Sharing my experience with the locking mechanism: The lock that works for me is the Master Lock Magnum series M5XT with the 1" shackle. The chest lid is locked down using the body of the lock, not the shackle. A longer shackle prevented me from locking this chest. Additionally, the U bolt used to hold the lock in place inside of the chest needs to be a slight bit loose or the lock will bind inside of the protective hole. Hope this helps someone."

    The above is a quote from the home depot site. Seems that you need to get those lock bodies out of the way regardless of whether or not they are locked! I'm not sure how you will go about pulling the lock bodies out from the recesses if that is preventing the box from opening? Can you get a bite on the body of the lock with vise grips, or get the end of a small pry bar into the hasp and lever it out of the recess? Be patient many smarter guys on this site to help you out.


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      all the bad reviews for this box are locking problems with the #5 locks.

      you may have to torch the thing to get it open...

      ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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        Sledge hammer


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          1/16" cut off wheel,grinder...cut a square hole above lock....weld it back when done