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removing the Drive Pinion (44960)

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  • removing the Drive Pinion (44960)

    I a new to this forum and not related to the plumbing or woodworking industries professional.
    But I bought a Press drill (kind of homemade). the motor is Model No 1177.
    I want to remove the drive pinion in order to turn it as a JT3 taper for a Jacobs chuck no 16N
    If you have any information on how to proceed to do this, or know of a adapter to do that I would be very happy!
    I don't want to remove the drive pinion now in order to not destroy the motor.

    Robert Patoine

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    pictures may help.

    when I google that part number it comes up associated to a 535 Threading Machine 36RPM drive,

    From the parts break down it looks like one takes the bolts off the main motor, and pull the gear head and then remove the what looks like some nuts off the back of the main pinion shaft and either press it out or remove it out of the head.

    I would think one would have to have a new shaft made with the #3 taper milled/reamed in to the new shaft,

    the other would be to have a head made, have head drilled out ream out the taper one end, then the other end drill out to fit the gear, and set screw it to the gear, or have a person mill it out to match the gear as close as possible

    my two cents


    the way the motor is set up I am not sure it would like to have end pressure on the shaft, as the original set up is a side pressure not a thrust type bearings like in a drill press,

    and by the way welcome to the fourm

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