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    Went today to Home Depot, -yesterday I talked to Ridgid via phone-, and my claim was rejected by Ridgid, they did not honor the life time warranty.....claiming I did not registered last year the drill battery...which I had done. I have already changed the battery two times. Curious enough the drill is still registered on my name. ???? Lousy customer service and worse product. Never again buy anything from this company.

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    Polo, I feel your pain!!
    Drove 30 miles to take a cordless drill in and two dead batteries in for warranty work. The authorized repair shop owner notified me that he no longer is accepting Ridgid tools. He said that Ridgid has refused to pay him what he is owed for past repairs. He also notified me that he knows of several other repair shops in the state that no longer deal with Ridgid for the same reason. So the Ridgid life time warranty is not worth the paper it is written on?
    p.s. I contacted Ridgid threw there email site a week ago, they have not replied as of today.

    Unfortunately, we have invested around $10,000 in Ridgid equipment.

    But we will no longer purchase Ridgid tools in the future.


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      Being in the Well Business all my life, I have used a lot of Ridged tools and loved their quality. Never had a warranty problem, but never bought power tools from them either. And looks like I never will from what you guys have to say about them. It wouldn't be a big surprise to think they have been bought by some larger conglomerate who is in it for the dollar and nothing else.


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        Speedbump, careful what you read on the internet... its not always true! lol. I own dozens of Ridgid tools, and although I've had a few hiccups with a few of them, over all they have been great. And the two posts above, notice something, both only have one post, and I bet in 3 months, there wont be one more post from either of them. And the Ridgid Powertools are made by TTI, same company that manufactures many of the Milwaukee tools.