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Problem with the wheels on the stacking/rolling toolboxes

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    I put together a wagon and the axle end caps looked the same. My axle had a thin groove cut all the way around the axle then the cap had 3 or 4 teeth that bit into the groove when you hammered it on.

    No way you could get those off that I know of without probably ruining the end cap. I'm sure you could get something to substitute in order to hold the wheel in place, possibly even more end caps. Check Home Depot specialty hardware cabinet.


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      Bought two replacement wheels from Lowes today at $10 each. They're the right size but the axle hole is 1/2". The Ridgid axle is 3/8" so I got some steel bushings. Well it turns out the Ridgid axle is NOT 3/8" but a smidge bigger... so my bushings won't fit. Just spent the last half an hour trying to re-drill the bushings and could not do it. Just spun out in the pliers and ruined the outside of the bushings. I'm so ****ing pissed right now. I do hope that one day Ridgid figures out how to make a simple goddamn wheel.

      * Oh and it goes without saying I've heard NOTHING back from Ridgid since emailing support on 05-31-2015
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        most likely metric, 10mm. if you have access to a lathe, it's a simple task. needed to modify 1 of my angle stop ferrule pullers the other day and with my small metal lathe, i was done is a flash and have my puller working better than new.

        you could also try sintered bronze bushings as they will act as a better bearing surface. most machine shops will already have bushings and can easily re-drill a bushing. it's a simple task, but 1 you will pay for, but will solve your issues forever.

        phoebe it is


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          Hey String Hawke. Who did you email on 5-31-2015? I'll get on it. If you just needed a replacement wheel(s) because they were damaged due to material defects of workmanship, a warranty replacement could have been available as the boxes come with the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty.


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            Ok, I've calmed down now... hehe.

            Thanks for the input Rick. Yes, I would have rather used bronze but couldn't find a bushing in the length I needed. Got it solved now using...

            - 2 Arnold 7" plastic wheels from Lowes lawn & garden section - $10 each
            - New 3/8 "push nut". But I actually re-used the original one.
            - 2 Hillman steel spacers 3/8 x 1/2 x 1-1/2 (not counting the one I messed up yesterday)
            - Metal fab shop labor to drill out the bushings and cut the axle down. $10

            So for about $35 + time I've got it solved now. Hopefully.

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              Let me first say I love this toolbox in the set up I recommend it to anyone who will listen. My only two issues addressed and I wish the handle came up longer because if you use obviously a box with wheels the medium and the milk crate you don't have a lot of hand room.
              but my main issue is this for a second bottom box I've owned. The wheels are broken both times part of the plastic sleeve that the axle sits on has broken on both wheels now the first time it happened it was within the 90 days so I was covered. this time not so much. If anyone replace the wheels yet and if so any good recommendations on what you've used? Thank you in advance for any advice
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                I tried everything in the website...and I couldn't find anywhere to replace my wheels. Did you know they are made of plastic too and break at the hub? There is no replacement part online to get these magic I'm stuck with a immobile box with a bunch of additions on top of it. What to do?


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                  This to is my gripe with these boxes. Luckily I caught mine before they shattered that bad. Filled the center section with anchoring epoxy, drilled out the center and put it back on, so far, so good.


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                    I have had my stacking tool box for 1 month and the covering for the wheel ripped off. How can I get replacement wheels for this unit without taking it back to home depot.