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Will Ridgid Rent Tools?

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  • Will Ridgid Rent Tools?

    By now you've probably heard about Hilti's "Tool on Demand" program in which they rent tools to construction companies on an as needed, project specific basis. It's really popular and in some markets generates more revenue than sales of tools. I was wondering if Ridgid is also going to offer such a program, does anyone know? Or does anyone have an opinion on that? As far as I know Hilti is the only tool company that offers such a service, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I do not believe Ridgid is allowed to deal directly with consumers.

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      When I worked for NYTel, hilti would give smaller hammerdrills to us because they made so much money on their bits! I believe their rotary hammerdrills and bits are the best money can buy. Hilti drills would perform all day, every day! I doubt Ridgid would profit from a rental venture.


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        Not sure if we are falling for another spam. His occupation is student. So lets see the followup posts.

        phoebe it is


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          there are a lot of companies that rent tools, if one wants to rent,
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            Thanks for the insights gentlemen. No, Rick, this is not spam, I'm a business student and am doing a research paper on the Hilti tool on demand program. It's very successful and I'm trying to find out if there are any competitors offering a similar service, so far, I haven't found any tool manufacturer that also rents their tools. I promise I don't work for Hilti! haha, but a good friend of mine does. Thanks again.


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              What is the subject of your research paper? Can you publish the abstract or what you are trying to achieve?


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                We don't have an abstract yet, it's not really that kind of a paper. The theme is, "mobility on demand" and we are using the Hilti program as an example of a form of mobility on demand. Other groups are using companies like Uber or food delivery services. The course is actually about business process management and specifically a modeling program called ADONIS. We will model the Hilti program as an example to practice with this system.