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Take a Lifetime to get Warranty Work done?

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  • Take a Lifetime to get Warranty Work done?

    I will confer with my wife about the specifics on getting the warranty work done, but I think I sent in two tools and several batteries, and have no idea what is going on after a year. If the warranty on a battery expires while Ridgid has them for work, will they not do the work? Shouldn't the batteries be returned as soon as it is determined they are out of warranty? Why has it been this long and I have no idea what is going on with my tools and batteries. If you can help on Ridgid's end, My name is Adam Wright and my wife is Jennifer Wright, out of Bogalusa Louisiana. I have $800 worth of batteries on my shelf that are dead, and several more tools, and wonder of the warranty is legitimate at this point. I wonder if it is worth the postage to send them in if they get put on a shelf until the warranty expires, and then I am told they wont do anything. Or I never get the tools back.

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    The problem with the LSA is that folks don't do the required work up front to get your gear registered. Less than 30% of eligible customers take the time to register the tools in order to fully take advantage of it and when a tool breaks down they are unable to get the repairs done as expected. Other customers have trouble registering but the bottom line is that your tools must be registered, there is no other option or your eating the repair.

    Having said that batteries do need replacing after a couple of years of use for all brands, that's not unusual. If you get registered with Ridgid you'd have those batteries replaced at no cost. Otherwise your like the rest of us, buying batteries, however, I'm ok with it.
    Would you buy Ridgid power tools based on their Lifetime Service Agreement policy?


    • Bob D.
      Bob D. commented
      Editing a comment
      You have some data that supports your 30% figure?
      Or did you just pull that out of the air.

      To my way of thinking is this day and age there is no reason that your purchase with a debit or credit card made at an authorized RIDGID seller should not be registered immediately for both the basic 3 year AND the lifetime service agreement electronically with no additional action required on your part.

      If you are making the purchase with a gift card or cash or some other type transaction then maybe you will have to do an additional step but it should be easy-peazy, no-muss no -fuss.

      Other companies have figured out to do online registrations in one session with no need to mail any paperwork in. IF RIDGID can't figure that out I have to think maybe it's because they don't want to because then everyone would have the LSA and they would have to support them all which would take a bite out of profits.

      I say extend the basic warranty to 5 years for EVERYONE and do away with the LSA.