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    I realize this may be old news but I actually forgot I had a lifetime membership and it seems the last
    magazine I received was around 2004....
    I have received a few "books" to review and purchase over the past few years..

    I can't find any telephone number to call them...
    I believe they were absorbed by some other entity.

    All I seem to find on the internet are complaints contact information

    With so many magazines going out of business I guess it was only time for them to
    disappear. Can I assume their lifetime was about 20 years give or take?

    Any of you members of Handyman club of America?

    Cactus Man

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    I used to be and used to get their magazines etc for a while. However that was only for maybe a 3 or 4 years. I recall that they had a life membership but I was never sold on that. I thought I used to get stuff from them after 2004. This is a risk you take with a lifetime purchase - if they disappear there goes your lifetime membership. In theory lifetime is a valid concept in this case but it applies to their lifetime vs yours


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      I can't remember when they stopped sending them but I used to get free "pasta sizers" from them a couple of times a year along with a plea to join their Club.
      Diapers and Politicians need to be changed often... Usually for the same reason.


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        I used to get their mailings all the time, but wasn't particularly interested. Same with most magazines, once I get it I don't like throwing them out if there's anything interesting... next thing I know is I have bales of magazines. I did appreciate all those little plastic templates they used to send as an enticement to join though.

        Used to be "Lifetime" guarantee or warranty meant something and Craftsman was about the only hand tools that were prevalent. But I think it gets over used, and as alluded to, what good is it, if you can't find an address or a store. My wife bought me a set of screwdrivers about 20 or so years ago, magnetic tips, black handles. Good variety and they had a full replacement "lifetime" guarantee, even if you lost one of them. She thought it would be great! Two years later you couldn't find them anywhere and their office number no longer answered. They were "Tempo", still have them, although they are more or less just backup.



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          Always a bit sad when a publication goes out of business. I read Football Digest since I was 10 years old, re-upped a few years back and had a deja vu moment. Then, ESPN bought them and stopped publication. As time passes it will continue to be difficult to get useful, well written magazines. Guess I will have to buy a toilet-ipad!