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  • Do you meet or exceed code?

    i dont think it's that hard or expensive to exceed code requirements and I find it interesting when crews do no more than meet code. For example we are required to seismically brace mains every 40'-0" but I often find it easier to space braces closer in order to improve the appearance by making them equally spaced rather than maximizing the spacing. Same with pipe supports, same even with fire sprinklers.

    Sure you can push things out to the maximum and end up with some goofy spacing on the last brace, support, or ? Time is money to be sure but I think you more than make up for by improving quality applying a higher standard. What do you guys do?

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    Remember that the code is the minimum approved standard.

    But then again adding.extra sway braces can get expensive on a contract job. I guess it depends on what percent of required hangers vrs, extra above and beyond that were not figured for.

    Not an expert in sprinkler work or materials and requirememts, but at a certain point the boss is tossing $50.00 bills away for every additional brace that wasn't bid for. Might amount to a small percentage, might be the difference between profits and break even.

    phoebe it is


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      It's sort of funny how few people stop to think about the code being the minimum standard. As if though meeting the code minimum is somehow the only right way to do it.

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    On a Costco size job it might mean adding 4 braces. Many go to the maximum and then when they get inspected sometimes you find yourself tape measuring out the braces (or supports or ?) with the inspector which can sometimes lead to delays or failures if you fudged by a few inches.

    Or as some do, end up with an inpector who not code proficient which might require meeting with the fire chief. That by itself can lead to more complications on future plan review or inspections.

    Several years ago we were doing a job for Jack in the Box and I had a guest fitter for a couple of days who was a by the book sort of guy. There was a 4" main that required 3 braces however between skylight and HVAC it would need more. The journeyman after about a hour of study was upset the designer didn't take this into account and he was reluctant to make a decision. Some of the braces would end up under 30' apart and well under the 40' maximum which seemed to flummox this poor fellow. After going on for several minutes on the near impossible task he left to go to the porta potty. While he was gone I added the brace. Done, no more to discuss and I didn't have him back after that.


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      I agree better to add one extra then try to outguess what the Inspector is going to want, I always wondered who the Idiot was that left that brace sticking out in the middle of nowhere
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        You know exactly what I'm talking about. If you work 8 for 8 you've got more than enough money to make it right.