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  • Miter saw!?

    I want to buy a miter saw. There's a lot of them available with a huge range of prices. So, I don't need the greatest one ever made but I also don't want cheap garbage. I want a saw that will preform for a long time without breaking the bank. are there any good brands you recommend?

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    What is your price point/budget?
    The amount of money you will invest in a tool will delineate it's quality and ability.
    What are you planning to use it for?....This is a subjective question but it will also
    help determine what type miter saw you will purchase.

    Will this be your first power tool? What do you plan to use it for?

    The miter saw comes in many flavors fro 7 1/2" to 12", sliding to non sliding, laser or no laser,
    and many other specifications too many to list.

    My opinion is buy the best you can afford and never buy a used one from Craig's list
    or e-bay..there is a reason it's listed there! More times than not older miter saws, say 5 years or more
    will not have any repair/replacement parts stay away...

    Yes even some of the brand new name brand miter saws have issues getting replacement parts..but at least you have some
    sort of warranty coverage for a year or longer.

    Ridgid corded miter saws do have an advantage with the LSA program..."lifetime service agreement"
    But you must be motivated to properly register the tool.

    At the other end of the spectrum you can buy a 10" or 12" single or dual bevel miter saw "cheap"
    relatively speaking...If you are a project or two type user that can be just fine.

    They way you asked your question is totally non specific except for "not breaking the bank"!!!!

    I'll ask you a question....."I do not want to spend a lot of money on a new car what do you suggest
    I don't need a race car"?

    Cactus Man


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      What are your needs? Will you be doing small moldings, or big mitre joints, and crowns? Is portability a concern? If not, I suggest you go big, and buy once , 12 inch sliding!


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        I bought a 12" dewalt (just a chop type saw) many moons ago, and have been very satisfied with it, no problems with alignment, or other problems with it, cut 98% of the lumber to build a house with it, (my DD could not handle a skil saw, so we set up a table and cut the lumber with the chop saw, and have used it a number of remodeling jobs, and still a good saw,
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          Ryobi, not ridgid

          ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder