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Home Depot - Ridgid product review declined

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  • Home Depot - Ridgid product review declined

    I gotta simply laugh and remember 90% of product reviews we read on the internet [Home Depot] are
    worthless..Half are by shills and the others are typically politically correct.

    I wrote a review on the JobMax shear-head cutter.
    I indicated that Home Depot did not offer it in any stores in my area.
    I discussed the difficulty in finding replacement blades..not stocked at Home Depot.
    I informed others where to find them and how much each single blade cost [$5.73 plus shipping].

    I did discuss the positive aspects of the tool and rated it a 5 and indicated others should indeed buy one.

    Anyway they declined my review as it did not follow their guidelines.

    This is not the first review of mine they declined...

    The bottom line is honesty is not welcome and they only appreciate politically correct reviews.
    Will I ever submit another review?..probably ..will it be declined?...most likely.

    I am not politically correct ha ha ha

    Cactus Man

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    Have you asked them for the guidelines and how it does not meet them? Maybe the guideline are - you can only post positive things - lol

    Not much different to other members on here not having their reviews published on the Ridgid FB feed.

    Having to have your review "reviewed" by who you are posting about is a good indicator that the reviews are manipulated to look good. If not you will be able to post your review without such oversight.


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      Ridgid will never improve unless they get honest feedback from the customers. HD won't need put any pressure on them to make adjustments if the reviews are all warm and fuzzy.

      Not exactly worthy of the Deming prize.


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        It?s because you linked to a place outside Home Depot to purchase the blades, even though the morons don?t sell them. I?ve done reviews or responses to questions on HD and if you include any link outside of, they squash it


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          Yeah, home depot reviews are simply not something you can trust. Places like Amazon post your exact review a few minutes after you write it - possibly after checking for profanity. I've never had one declined, and I leave Amazon reviews all the time. I've only left a handful of Home Depot reviews in my life...and several have been declined for simply stupid reasons.

          I wrote an honest review for their propane tank exchange - nothing out of the ordinary, except when they asked me "cons" I put "smells like skunk butt", and they declined it for that. Obviously cannot take a joke...but it was also a fact...


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            ive posted a few praise reviews for the ridgid 9amp batteries one stating they dont exist but work great, another saying they last forever on a charge, the reviews show up for a few days then disapear, but the 1 review that stays also states they arent available.
            HEY! What does this button do?