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  • Tell the TRUTH and it will set you FREE.

    In the USA do you guys have what we call Coroners.....????
    Are they PUBLIC SERVANTS......?????
    Are they supposed to tell the TRUTH.....???????
    Are they supposed to be INDEPENDENT OF ANY INFLUENCE, especially GOVERNMENT......?????
    Can they be directed to deliver an "OUTCOME".

    Today I got a call from someone who got the transcripts of a recent Coroner's Inquiry. There was a Lady, some might say elderly, who died of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. It wasnt picked up at first, yeah the Regulators were asleep yet again. In short the evidence, as I was reliably told, was extremely damning towards both Government Regulators. It also exposed corruption in the Government department responsible for Public Housing. So the Coroner hands down her findings and many are shocked.

    So this friend gets the transcripts of the whole Inquiry but there is a catch, if any of the transcripts are released into the public domain he will be fined $60 000.00($A).

    There are many things wrong here. Many here in our Industry dont want a public hanging, we just want the truth to come out so we can learn and hopefully prevent another innocent life being lost.

    Some here may not understand but many here are gutted that money has been used to prevent the truth from coming out. Just as scary is that someone else will unfortunately lose their life because of all of this.

    Australians used to brag about how smart they are. Here in the State of Victoria I fear that is just fantasy.
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    I live in New York states, southern tier (that area bordering our state of Pennsylvania. In the area where I live at time, we had a "County Coroner", basically a forensic medical examiner who must sign off on the cause of death, and I believe that is when anyone dies. The county coroner is a licensed physician (in our case, an osteopath) who is directed by and over seen by the state examiners office for forensics. Lots of regulations and oversight. Essential in my opinion to ensure proper conduct and truthful reporting.

    Not sure, but I believe such coroner reports are subject to both hospital and other reports; and, unless sealed by the courts are pretty much public information here in the U.S.

    Your telling of possible fines for the release of such information sounds a bit strange, but I'm certainly not a lawyer and have no knowledge of such things in Australia. I do hope you get this straightened out to your satisfaction.

    I've always looked at Australia as mostly another English-speaking ally, much like the UK, Canada, and most European countries. Perhaps naive, I looked at such countries as having very little in the way of corruption. In my past job, I used to ship a number of my industrial compressor illustrations to different countries when they are requested by one of our enterprises. Australia is the only country that I ever had a problem with, and it was a shock when my shipping tube never reached it's destination, because one of your custom agents held it up on entry and demanded a ransom. I got scolded, because it seems like if something was going to be shipped to Australia, one doesn't declare it to be of value.... declaring value, apparently flagged the item to be pulled aside for "special handling". Except for many South American countries, I had never run into that before!

    (no offense intended to you or Australia)



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      Perhaps that's how Austrailias privacy rules work. In the US these issues are often pursued by consumer protection groups, lawyers. Insurance interests also investigate in order to reduce losses. However we've got our problems as well Cleanmen2

      Your trade union together with consumer safety groups, the fire service might be able to bring pressure at the local level by offering to retrain those in charge of oversight.


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      Sorry to hear that. There are always those who dont want things to come to light.
      Here in the States we have the "freedom of information act" where anyone can get a copy of any government/public documents. Parts of a document may be redacted if its considered classified but eventually everything comes to light.

      I don't know if this is big enough of a story but Perhaps the media could help investigate and bring this impropriety out into the open?


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        Where I live, our coroner is an elected county official, part of our county judicial system. Which means they're politicians. Our coroner isn't even required to be a physician of any sort, just be able to attend and pass a 40 hour course administered by the state. In other words, our coroner is just another government/political hack.
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          My understand is that a Coroner doesn't investigate cause of death, a medical examiner or forensic pathologist does.

          The idea of relying on a Coroner to do an autopsy doesn't seem right. I can see many crimes going unsolved by having unqualified people doing it.


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            The duties of each may overlap and/or may be performed by the same person, but the function of each is different.
            The Wikipedia articles discuss the responsibilities of each in the US and other countries.



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              everyone has a price. bribery has no limits.

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                Austrailians don't have to take this #%it laying down Cleanmen, buck the system.


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                  unless there is a possible suspicious circumstance there is no reason a record should be ordered sealed.
                  quite often a record would be sealed until the detailed investigation is complete. But Im not there to research whats going on.
                  coroners do not perform autopsies medical examiners do!
                  a coroner can pronounce and record deaths and autopsies aren't usually performed if the death is of apparent natural causes.
                  in the event that a death seems suspicious then an autopsy is warranted and there are many circumstances that would call for an autopsy
                  among them is very recent change in vital medication, appearance of possible violent disturbance, and with the case of carbon monoxide poisoning looking for possible suicide or improperly installed equipment or blockages in chimneys (large nests are big culprits)
                  most often to prove that it was truly accidental.
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