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Horizontal band saw making poor cuts

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  • Horizontal band saw making poor cuts

    I have a horizontal band saw that is not cutting straight. I have replaced the guide bearings, blade, and squared up the vise to the blade.
    I used a carpenters square to check the blade travel. When starting the blade flush against the top of the square. In a 6 inch cut the blade
    is an 1/8 inch away from the square at the bottom. Any suggestions on a cause or a solution would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check the pivot point of the saw, it may not be square (or more likely parallel) with the table or blade depending on how the pivoting mechanism is set up. There may be some worn or bad bearings, which may be sleeve bearings since this is not a high speed movement and does not even make a full revolution.

    What make/model saw do you have and how old is it?

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      Shen Jang 916 at least that is what I was told. looks a lot like an early model Ensco to me.


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        Shen Jang model 916 / made 04 2002
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          You should be able to adjust the speed that the blade descends. Try slowing way down the time the blade drops to see if it makes a difference, it should.

          If your cutting stainless, it's always going to be tougher so you might try experimenting with a section of black steel first.

          Stainless pipe for us is very challenging and we always seem to have a more difficult time working with it. It's very hard on pipe dies and cutting blades but it looks great when we are done.

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        I have been using a carpenters square while the machine is off, set it at different speeds, adjusted the guide bearings multiple ways, and the results are the same
        I checked the arm with a square and it runs true. I know the problem is somewhere between the two drop down arms that house the guide bearings. it' is quite frustrating


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          How about checking blade tension or for that matter a bad blade?

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            Originally posted by cactusman View Post
            How about checking blade tension or for that matter a bad blade?

            Cactus Man
            and also check the descend speed (too fast and blade can skew off line).
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              Yes, gnuuser is right, that is probably the first thing to check after blade tension.

              Excessive feed pressure will affect cut quality greatly.

              Check condition of blade for full length, look for bent blade or missing teeth.
              Check/Adjust blade tension.
              Adjust feed rate for the material type and size/cross section.
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                depending on the quality of the blade, only one small hard spot in the steel can take or knock the set on the teeth off and that blade will never cut straight after that, sometimes when that happens I will set that blade back and only use it on thin flats, to use it up, and have had cheaper brands in the blades that will never cut true new out of the box,
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                  I was also going to suggest the blade tension and drop rate. Have very little experiance with stainless.

                  I've had very good results with my harbor freight $900 saw. Have not used the coolant pump as it's a mess to clean up. i just use cutting oil as need be.

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