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No more Home Depot product reviews for me!

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  • No more Home Depot product reviews for me!

    I'm done!
    I am not a shill and I give a truthful tool review I'll not lie.

    My most recent rejection was for the Ridgid R86037 gen5X impact driver.
    I gave the tool a 5 but then discussed the fact this tool was not available at Home Depot
    or on their website for close to 6 months or longer.

    Their price was $119.00
    I found a new one for $41.00 on e-bay likely pulled from a kit.

    I discussed how Ridgid even refused to allow me to register the tool for the 90day or
    3 years warranty....I knew the LSA coverage was out of the question.
    I even asked them to trace the tool's unique serial number and they refused.

    In the end Home Depot did not like my positive review [a 5 star] of the tool and its operation
    and refused to post it as I said truths about Home Depot and their lack of interest in
    their licensed "Ridgid tool line"

    From now on my tool reviews if warranted will only be posted here.

    Cactus Man

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    Interesting to know that HD censors its reviews. I have never written an HD review but I do read reviews from time to time.

    The best way to address this would be for HD to allow all reviews including those it does not agree with and then post a rebuttal explaining why they don't agree with the review. It is not uncommon for people to post misleading or inaccurate reviews.

    I would certainly trust reviews from long time forum members over those from people we do not know especially if the reviews are biased positively.


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      Just a guess but I would suspect they did not post your review because you discussed a non-approved purchase as far as warranty goes. Tools that are bought as part of a kit can only be registered as the full kit from what I understand, that includes the batteries. I think they do this for a couple reasons but one is to prevent people from buying the kits and breaking them apart and reselling. Or to buy a kit say to get the batteries under the LSA then sell off the tools. The person buying the tool tries to register the tool only to find out it's already registered as part of the kit.

      I have no idea if these are their reasons its just what I have always told myself is probably behind their position on tool kits and the LSA or 3Y warranty.
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        I agree with BobD on the reasoning. I also check reviews usually starting with poor and working to the positive side.

        I think I?ve written some reviews probably not on tools however. For me it?s about honest feedback for customers and for HD.


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          I've had a couple of my reviews rejected by HD. Both were rather negative reviews so I can only assume that was the reason they were rejected. Consequently, I do not trust nor even read any HD reviews any longer.
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            I've had some rejected too. It's the review of the out of stock issues.

            The review should focus on the tool and not the shipping or stock. Those are reserved for ask a question section.

            phoebe it is


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              I was rejected a few years ago and decided it wasn't worth the effort. The thing of it was that I gave the tool a fairly positive review, with only a mention of one feature that I thought could be improved upon. I got a rejection, stating that it didn't meet their rules. I re-read my review three times, and then asked my wife and a couple of friends to look at it to see if I said something "off color" or whatever. I hadn't and there was nothing that any of us found objectionable.

              Over the years, I've written reviews on lots of stuff, including tools, printers, software, photography equipment, etc. I've never received a rejection, except that one time from Ridgid. I don't get paid for writing reviews, and I've been rated highly on a few sites. I only do it for the fun of it (and it keeps me in practice as an old tech writer). I don't want to offend anyone (well, maybe politics), nor do I want to gloss things over. One writes their honest opinion based on their experience and findings and hopefully help people make a decision. If it's rejected, for something specific, then that's good to know so you can correct it; otherwise, I sure don't want to feel like I wasted anyone's time, much less my own.

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