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  • Pretty quiet here

    It's also quiet at Home Depot regarding the Ridgid tool line.
    I see very little inventory available, locally and on the website.
    I also do not see anything new for 2019.
    I do not see any 2018 close out sales or pretax inventory reduction sales.
    $10.00 off is no bargain.
    I am bombarded with Amazon and other tool company after Xmas sales
    with significant discounts etc.

    Now I realize none of us really need many more radios, drills, impact drivers etc.
    So obviously not much seems to be very new in their tool line up.

    Even the Home Depot Ridgid tools, product reviews are stale!

    Well maybe closer to the dreaded April 15th date we may see some good sales prices?

    Cactus Man

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    I agree it's been quiet on the forums lately.
    I still wish they would come out with a high torque impact, others have wanted lawn care items like a chain saw and string trimmers.
    I'm sure contractors enjoy the new octane hammer drill paired with a 9ah battery pack to punch through floor joists in a hurry.
    They've even got that 7" grinder that takes up to two 9ah packs at once. That gives me some hope they will expand their line even if it does rely more on the 6 9ah octane batteries.

    here is a link showing the new grinder.
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      Limiting my cordless tools to the Ridgid platform prevented me from owning, and using tools that made my life much easier.
      I included Milwaukee M18 a couple years ago, and its been a great experience! My cordless blower, and line trimmer get the job done.
      Milwaukee even came out with a very nice 18volt chainsaw kit with a 12ah battery! I'm not ready to make that purchase, and remain
      Willing to buy one from Ridgid if they decide to expand their line. Maintaining two different battery platforms is not very costly, and
      I have a power source for each which I use to keep my batteries in rotation.


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        Even the spammers have been quiet lately.

        I was at AHR 2019 last week and stopped by the Milwaukee booth. Huge selection of cordless tools. Ridgid also had a booth but were primarily showing plumbing tools like the press tools.


        • Bob D.
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          "Even the spammers have been quiet lately."

          I'm glad of that, only one that I know of in the past month.

        • blue_can
          blue_can commented
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          Agreed. Sometimes it is funny to watch their spam tricks like having 2 work together one pretending to ask a question and the other answering etc - but they really mess up the forum with spam. So yes we should be glad that things are quiet. I'm sure they will be back eventually. I'm currently getting a flood of phishing emails and many others I know are also getting them as well. We should all be careful online - spammers are an annoyance but there are more serious security threats as well.

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        i feel that everybody is sort of getting ready for a s#%tstorm. With all the noise coming from our politics, it's not helping investors feel warm and fuzzy. All this shutdown non-sense isn't going to help us out. The way our leaders have handled international politics looks like amateur hour. Who can feel good watching federal workers going to food pantrys to feed a family? This lousy weather slamming most of the country isn't helping either.

        Spring will be here sooner than we think, the days are growing longer even though we are in the winter months still. The warmer months will get people moving on projects they've put off. We need some good energy from our leaders to pull us out of this funk and come to an agreement so folks can get paid and get moving again.

        It's not clear to me where Ridgid power tools is headed, they are slowing becoming irrelevant for a number of reasons. Even if they did come out with new offerings I'm not sure anyone is in a buying mood right now.


        • Frankiarmz
          Frankiarmz commented
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          I'm actually very hopeful that great times are just ahead! Problems will be resolved , a stronger economy, and people coming together for the common good. Whatever has prevented Ridgid from expanding their line as have Ryobi, Milwaukee, and others, I doubt it has anything to do with economic uncertainty. Consumers are buying all sorts of cordless tools, unfortunately Ridgid does not offer enough diversity. I have money to spend, and tools that would make my life easier, whoever makes them will get my business!

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        I saw a huge Ryobi display yesterday. More new tools were there than all of the Ridgid cordless combined.

        ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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          I would like to see RIDGID do something meaningful with their vacs, namely offer something like the Metabo below (just one example, there are many others).


          With the not so recent (they've been in effect for over two years now I believe) silica dust rule from OSHA why don't we have a better vac system from RIDGID?

          What they offer seems aimed at the HO, hobbyist, and the small shop owner that isn't subject to OSHA regulations but are still at risk of exposure to silica dust and other fine dust or lead particles, etc.
          "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



          • Mightyservant
            Mightyservant commented
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            Nice little unit. I haven't used to many Hitachi/Metabo tools but I see them on jobs often. I've never heard anyone complain about the brand.

          • Bob D.
            Bob D. commented
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            Maybe RIDGID could team up with Metabo on a vac like they did on their 4-1/2" corded grinder a few years ago. I bought one of those back then and it's it still going strong. It is basically a re-labeled Metabo which I knew when I bought it. It was replacing a Metabo that I had been using for over 20 years.
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