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Decoding Ridgid serial numbers

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  • Decoding Ridgid serial numbers

    Does anyone know how to decode the serial numbers on Ridgid batteries and tools
    to determine date of manufacture and maybe other information?

    As an example: I have an 18V 5AH battery model# R840089 serial# CS16311N470088
    Then stamped on the front in the plastic itself where you slide the battery into a tool
    the number CS1631A.

    I'd be interested in the manufacture date, lot number, location of manufacture, and maybe
    even the actual part of the serial number that is unique to the specific battery.
    I suspect the last four numbers may be the actual serial number of the specific item,
    such as this battery is number 0088?????

    I might as well ask if there is any information delineated from the part number too?

    Cactus Man
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    CWS might be able to help here since this question is probably a familiar subject. I did find some information in Wikipedia regarding serial numbers which sort of help explain how they are used. It's fairly dry but informative.


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      31st week of 2016 is build date.
      not sure what the CS means,
      I also believe the last four digits go in consecutive order as I've gotten batteries in a kit two numbers apart.
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