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  • Customer support -- or lack of customer support

    I have a TS2400-1 job site table saw that has seen very little use and all use was light duty and the motor burned up about two weeks ago. I have been unable to locate parts as it says the original motor has been discontinued ... i guess i know why lol. I tried calling in and was in the holding queue for about 20 mins before i hung up. I wrote in and got a automated reply saying they would contact me within 2 business days ... i sent them another note ( included the reply that they had sent me ) and again i got the canned reply from them and now 2 weeks has gone by and no response from Customer Service! I guess Ridgid does not care about the environment as i now have a large saw that will end up in a landfill site someplace. I will also not purchase another Ridgid product!!

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    If your a glutton for punishment you cold keep trying to get through or you could check out the online offerings at Home Depot. I'm pretty happy with my DeWalt portable contractor saw for the quick and ease of setting up the fence but it's not perfect. The Bosch model can run a dado stack. Skilsaws model offers more torque from the worm drive feature. Millwaukee has nice saws as does Makita though your going to pay up.

    I wouldn't buy much from Ridgid TTI although I think some of there tools are relatively benign. The LSA is a good deal for batteries alone but some folks have a terrible time registering or lately staying registered.

    Ridgid Emerson on the other hand has no peer and tools within its purview can be bought and used with a high degree of confidence.


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      How old is the saw?

      Under 3 years, you should be covered,

      If over 3 you have a nice doorstop.

      Have you checked with any motor shops to see if it can be repaired.

      phoebe it is


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        What type of environment have you been storing your saw in? The TS2400-1 was discontinued some time ago so I'm guessing it could be as much as 15 years old. If as you say it saw little use, it's quite understandable that the motor had issues if it was subject to less than a desirable storage conditions. To claim that a company doesn't care about the environment because one of their products might be finding its way to the landfill is irresponsible at best. To save landfill space why not call Ridgid Customer Service and have them speak to one of their engineers and find out if the current motor from the R4513 and be retrofitted into your TS2400-1, .
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        • feaverb
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          I have made several attempts to contact Ridgid customer support for assistance and guidance to no avail .. on hold for unreasonable periods of time ( more than 20mins each time) and repeated emails with no response, and even after writing into this forum Ridgid has made no effort to contact or correspond with me. .... so I reiterate my statement the Ridgid does not care if these otherwise good condition tools end up in a landfill site...they have not even suggested or offered any recycling services for obsolete broken Ridgid products. I have spoken to a local contractor that have previously had Ridgid job site saws that have also ended up in landfill.
          Incidentally my particular saw has only been stored indoors in a heated/cooled environment. I have lost all faith in Ridgid, the company, and thus will not buy their products any longer.

        • Bob D.
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          This forum as far as I know was never intended nor has it ever been a reliable path to reach RIDGID/TTI Customer Service. There have been times where someone has stepped in and followed up on an issue, but it is rare and should there should not be an expectation (in my opinion as just another dumb user) that a post here will gain you any advantage over the normal support path. I know that is contrary to the way many forums hosted by other tool manufacturers operate, it that's the way it seems to be here unfortunately.

          If you pay more you get more I guess. On the Festool forum which is monitored by Festool employees and dealers around the world you can get a reply usually that day if not within hours. I know because I recently went through that with a battery that died. Long story short I had a replacement in about 6 days from the time I first asked a question about it on their forum. They paid shipping both ways. I sent only the battery and was back in business in a week.

          When I weigh the 'advantages' of the LSA against this recent event it is hard to justify jumping through all the hoops to get your tools registered with the LSA. It has gotten better I have heard (registration), but claims still seem to be a problem for the consumer side of the equation.

          Having said that I have never had a RIDGID battery (or ANY RIDGID/TTI tool for that matter) totally fail yet, and some of my RIDGID cordless tools are approaching 7 years now I think.

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          Bob - the registration appears to have got slightly better - all 3 registrations I attempted online had "problems" and could not be verified - but the last 2 times which were more recently they provided a ink to upload copies of the receipt etc and thereafter it was approved. If I recall it still took about 2 weeks for them to come back to report there was an issue and then maybe another 1 - 2 weeks after upload to confirm receipt and activate the LSA. At least I did not have to mail in physical copies including a section of the product box etc which I had to do the first time. Still room for improvement - how about fixing the system so validation happens right away.

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        I agree that the Ridgid support can be questionable. I have a MS255SR that's a little over 4 years old with very little use. I love the saw and want to buy spare brushes and a belt, but Ridgid no longer supports it (period end of question) Craftsman built a destination brand with exceptional support (no I have no affiliation with Craftsman). One would think Ridgid might at least "suggest" where parts for a saw with their name one it could be found. And no, mine will never go to a landfill....since one can't buy parts, I will part it out if/when it fails. Does anyone have a suggestion for where to get these parts. I think this saw was the best ever built in the class. (conditioned air environment)


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          While I can't speak to your saw problems, it sounds to me like you're a bit too impatient with regards to the phone, although the lack of an E-mail response is definitely deplorable.

          I called Ridgid customer support about a month ago to find out what I needed to do in order to replace four batteries under the LSA. It took me about eight minutes and three or four layers of "push one or two" before I got to a real person. Once there however, they were both knowledgeable and courteous and my new batteries were ordered! Two weeks later I received them in the mail, as promised. Last week I called Ridgid Customer Service again, to register the new serial numbers into my LSA records. That call connected me in less than five minutes and again, going through the same "Press One or Two" a few times, I was connected to a very courteous young lady who happily took my new serial numbers and updated my files.

          During that last call, I joked with her about how I read so many complaints here on the forum, and that I was sort of surprised that at least this particular process seemed so easy. I guess I just don't get it. My batteries were 14 years old and there was absolutely no problem. I was asked to put them on the charger, tell them the indications and that was it. I have several Ridgid tools (drill press, sanders, drills, JobMax, saw, etc.) most pretty old 2003, 2005, 2017) and while I find the background music annoying, I usually get through within ten minutes, that's a heckuva lot quicker than getting through to a medical or computer service in most cases.

          I have only had to use an authorized service center twice and in both cases the repair was satisfactorily done in less than three weeks. On the negative side, in both case the guys in the service centers expressed their unhappiness with parts delay and slow reimbursement... but that was more than ten years ago! (BTW, both of those places no longer handle Ridgid or Ryobi authorized service.)

          Regarding you particular table saw. I don't of course know the problem or how it is stored, used, etc. I have a Ryobi BT3100-1 which I purchased in 2005, and a BTS-15 which is similar to your Ridgid, purchased in 2007 (IIRC). My neighbor has the Ridgid 2400 which he keeps in a detached garage, like I keep my BTS. The neighbor very rarely uses his saw, like maybe once or twice a year, if that. In any case, all three of these saws work quite well. But they are stored in at least a dry building, although no heat. Here the weather is too often humid, hot summers and miserably cold, wet, and sometimes frigid winters, but we keep them out of the rain and snow. My Ryobi's are of course long out of warranty and I doubt the neighbor ever registered his saw into the LSA; did you?

          Hopefully you will get this all straightened out... I think it's worth the effort before you just throw it out.

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