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    I understand that this forum really has nothing to do with the Home Depot website.
    So, this is simply an observation and a rant of frustration.

    Whenever I visit the Home Depot website the "store location" often changes to what I
    selected. OK, that happens....

    When I do a search for Ridgid 18V tools the quantity of tools displayed frequently
    changes. One time it may be 66 items, another time 122 items. Every now and then it will
    also present within the list no offered tools that are out of stock....This is interesting
    as many of the tools offered are also indicated as not in stock on line or in the selected store.

    Now..the tools stocked by the various Home Depot stores will indeed vary. If you truly want to know
    what exactly your nearby Home Depot stocks you do need to select your store...that's obvious!

    I still find the product reviews terrible....There are some that actually provide a bonafide review, but many
    read like shills!!!!...Then you have reviews with the 1-5 indication only..why do they bother? If you really
    have a review that is too negative or offers advice they will not allow it to be published. This happened to
    me a number of times as I wrote detailed reviews. today I'll only review any new Ridgid tool I purchase on this
    reflector without any censorship and those reading it appreciate a factual review not an emotional one.

    If you want to look at the new Ridgid heat will not pop up with the 18V have to search for it
    under "heat guns"....Actually this is not the only anomaly, quite often you have a treasure hunt on their
    website when looking for Ridgid tools.

    If you simply type in "Ridgid tools" you may get over 400 listings but still not everything is shown.
    Also, there are many items not sold in the stores or in stock on line.

    I have not done the observations with say Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, or Ryobi tools.
    I suspect they may have the same problems as the Ridgid 18V lisitngs

    OK I need more coffee..rant over....

    Cactus Man

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    What you have written is very factual and in the interest of possibly getting more play from your posting I'll hone in on the part where you disparage the product reviews. Home Depot allows customers who purchase then review purchases made at their local HD location. If you happen to be a prolific reviewer who reports back on every purchase HD rewards you by eventually inviting you to become a "Seeds" member which allows to you select new-to-market products which will be in the pipelines for sale. Keep in mind many of the Seeds participants are everyday people like you and I who are not professional writers but the normal homeowners, casual customer, and the occasional contractor or pro. As a result reviews posted sometimes come across as disingenuous or biased. Exacerbating issues such as this reviews posted tend to wander and in a worse case scenario lack objectivity which is why these reviews are ultimately rejected for posting. In the case of Ridgid products, this manufacturer/supplier I believe never provides new-to-market products to HD for review and instead mandates all their products (new or current) only to be sold w/o soliciting Seeds reviewers. This is both good and bad ... it limits or minimizes avenues for new customers who might otherwise end up as potential Ridgid converts. This might be good as Ridgid might possibly wish to only sell solely to contractors/pros. How do I know this?.....I am a HD Seeds product evaluator who btw is also a homeowner and who desires to know anything and everything about the latest tool technologies and innovations. Had it not been for the Seeds initiative hosted by HD I among many would not use HD for "all" my homeowners needs which is a win-win for both HD and me.

    At the end of the day I've learned something new (thanks to HD) which is a good thing as you are never too old to stop learning. I am currently a retiree on a fixed income but still help friends, neighbors, and family with repairs and maintenance just to stay active and save $$$ which goes to my toy fund of which I have many. There will come a time when age limits my ability to do tasks such as these and then the wife will be at the mercy of greedy service personnel but until that day comes my love for learning will never end. I am a devoted customer and disciple of HD and just had to respond to your concern regarding HD. None of us including you and I are not a captive audience to HD ..... you can shop elsewhere if you believe HD is not serving your needs. Me, I'll continue advocating for HD as they have done right for me for as long as I can remember. Biggest perk is not only my Seeds membership but my DD214 and service ID card .... No one is forcing HD to give anyone a 10% discount but HD always attempt to do right for all their customers. This includes you and I .... Is HD perfect? Hell no as they still charge way too much to install a water heater here in NYC. I know this for a fact : ex: 50 gallon Rheem natural gas fired 9 yr warranteed tank recently set me back $540 (out the door). Cost for HD install was over a grand which to me id thievery. Buddy and I installed it in less than a hour and the labor cost to me was just $75 and this was for a nice lunch and a whole afternoon of drinking for my buddy and I


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      I use the website from time to time. I believe I've also seen the location sometimes revert from my selected store to somewhere else.

      Finding what you want can be tricky sometimes and very much seems to depend on the search terms you put in.

      No real opinion on the reviews - I've read them from time to time to try and get a sense of people's opinion on a product.

      I do regularly use their app especially while in-store to try and locate an item instead of trying to track down an associate. That works well for me.


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        I use the HD website pretty often becuase they have a great deal of items that are not in the stores. They have quite a bit of specialty tools available and most of the time they are less than at Amazon. You have to spend at least $45 to get free shipping which can sometimes be a snag.

        One of the reasons I like HD is that returns bought online are simple through UPS and sometimes at the store. If it's nots too much money they just ask you to keep it though I usually just take the item to the store and place it in the relevant dept.

        I usually look at reviews from several sites depending on the item I'm buying and i focus on negative reviews first. It's a bit annoying when they list items that they don't sell in the stores and can't ship to you, however it is helpful for researching products that might be available at a professional supply house. Lowes often has the same quirk.


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          I like their "Text Me" option. When I find something on the website I want to purchase at the store, I just enter my cell phone # and they text me with the Aisle and Bay location for my store. Perfect.


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            Have the same problem with not storing my local store. I noticed when I go to the site, it appears I'm logged in (says "Hi Jerry" at the top of the page), but has to wrong local store.) If I go to my account profile, it asks me to log in again, and when I do, it switches to the correct local store.

            I suspect the problem with the Ridgid tool search/listings is due to whomever edits the website and is responsible for the "tags" like cordless, 18v, etc. So the database is only as good as the person(s) entering the data.

            And yes, lots of useless reviews. Like "the saw kept binding up" but no explanation on what was being cut or what blade was used.


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              I hear you. Between HD and Rigid it's just too darned hard to spend money with them. I order stuff off line 90% of the time now. Everything I get from HD is damaged, the wrong thing, or otherwise not complete. You can't tell with any certainty that the item will be in stock at HD even if you check and call. So I guess I'm just going to have to go elsewhere. I wonder what has happened to Rigid? Are they owned by some private equity firm or something now? This IS NOT the Rigid that used to be.


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                Originally posted by AverageHomeowner View Post
                I like their "Text Me" option. When I find something on the website I want to purchase at the store, I just enter my cell phone # and they text me with the Aisle and Bay location for my store. Perfect.
                Their text me option is really awesome, if you haven't tried it yet, I recommend it.


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                  Yes, I've also tried it. It is really helpful. The site can sometimes gives problems but then it is worth it.