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  • Hats

    First..hard hats in hard hat areas is a no brainer! and is for safety....
    A welder's cap you wear under your welding helmet is also a no brainer...
    Other hats for "protection OSHA" are of course not questioned here..

    What's with everyone wearing ball caps..and 3/4 of them are worn backwards!
    Worse yet when I was growing up a man was supposed to remove his hat when entering a building,
    a bar or a place of worship..unless you are Jewish then a "Jew Beanie" is required!

    Today no one knows the hat etiquette or seems to care.
    In my case the last hat I wore was the infamous white sailor's hat!
    Today I do not own or wear any hats ever.

    Oh wait, when I was 13 I did wear a Fedora style for a short time to emulate my Dad!
    I also wore the Navy blue knit cap [Cossack style] when on my Harley...also known as the
    then came Bronson hat!
    For a short while I also had a bikers captain hat but I did feel silly wearing that.

    A bald friend of mine wears an Ivy cap especially when in his convertible.

    Today though you see the majority wears the baseball cap ...and again 3/4 wear it backwards!

    Do you wear a hat? what kind..and why?

    Cactus Man
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    I wear a ball cap most of the time I'm outside to keep the sun off my head. When I am on the tractor mowing the field or doing similar work I will wear a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face and neck. But the hat comes off when inside except when I'm in a place like HD or Lowes.

    In the Winter I will wear a welders cap under my hard hat as they are the only style allowed. Ball caps with the button in the center are not allowed under a hard hat.

    I enter a building I normally uncover. Habit I guess. Long time since I wore a dixie cup, but that was only in full dress. The rest of the time a utility cap (blocked and worn the same as the Marine Corp cap but w/o the EGA) was the standard headgear for Seabees, years ago anyway. I don't keep up on the uniform regs.
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      I wear a military style boonie hat, and have for many many years, mostly to keep the sun off the neck and face, in the winter a knit stocking hat,

      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Wish I was wearing a batting helmet 3 days ago when i was stretching a hit into a triple and the shortstop relayed the throw from the outfielder. he threw to third, the third baseman bailed and the ball hit me square in the back of the head. bounced off and ended up at the pitchers mound.

        of course joey and Phoebe were watching the game when it happened. Put a bag of ice under my baseball hat and sat out for the rest of the game until it was my turn to bat again.

        Yes a helmet with mask was in my bag, but is used while pitching, not while batting.

        phoebe it is


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        When I was a kid my parents forced me to wear a hat when it was cold outside, and I hated it! I'm turning 66 in a week and still have a full head of hair. These days I welcome a insulated hard hat liner or other warming hat when its cold outside.


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          I never particularly cared for hats, though I have certainly spent a good share of time 'covered' as they say. Baseball caps are an American thing I guess. I remember all the Little League'rs when I was a kid, it was sort a matter of belonging I guess and everyone of them wore it blocked. You could always tell who played by those on the school bus with their hats.

          My Dad and my Uncle's always wore hats, and if you look at the movies from the thirty's and the forty's (and before), no gentleman went without a hat, a Fedora as Cactus Man mentioned. My Dad had dress Fedora's and even a couple for work, usually a rougher more serviceable material as I recall. My Father-in-Law was quite bald and whenever he was outside he wore a Fedora, and that was especially true when he was in a suit. A gentleman in a suit just wasn't completely dressed unless he had a matching Fedora!

          When I was a teenager, working on the local farm, I wore a wool 'watchman's' cap in the winter and in the summer during the harvesting season, I wore my Dad'a old pith-helmet, as it was cool and kept the sun off my head and neck. I also had a five-mile long country paper route back then, and unless it was raining or winter I pretty much remained hat-less. In the winter, I wore a parka with a hood and usually the watch cap underneath. For a ten year period, whenever I was in uniform, I wore one type of head cover or another whenever you were outside... and of course removed it immediately whenever you were in a building. My favorite and most comfortable hat during those times was a "Ridgeway", popular in the 50's and early sixties but replaced with a baseball-type hat in the late 60's IIRC.

          (Please note that I was not in the military, and I don't want to leave that impression with anyone, as I don't deserve that honor. I did join Civil Air Patrol (Air Force Auxiliary) when I was 14, served 10 years and soon after I failed my Air Force enlistment at 18 (130 lbs minimum weight required, I only weighed 117), I also joined the NY Guard. I tried enlisting every year for five years!)

          In the late 60's through the early 70's, a hardhat was required for work, whenever I had to be in the shop or on the assembly floor, but by 1974 that requirement was dropped except in areas where overhead work was being done. I guess they figured dropping several tons of compressor on you, a hardhat wasn't going to be all that protective, so instead they'd just flag the area and run the rotating lights!!!

          About the only time I wear a hat these days are when it's raining or I'm outside in the sun. I've got most of my hair (still dark by the way), but there is that growing bald spot on the back my noggin. So, a couple of baseball caps hang in the shop and I keep a black one in the car for when it's raining.

          Unlike almost everyone I see, I don't wear a baseball cap backwards and I don't wear it inside... even at Walmart. (It comes off the minute I pass through a doorway!) I also don't wear it back or slanted one way or another, it sits 'squared' on my head, with the visor three-fingers off my nose, just above my line of vision. Honestly, I don't get the 'backward's' thing, I guess they think it looks cool I guess. But then again there are so many things they guys do today that I don't get either (like piercings and tattoo's... but hey, whatever "floats your boat".

          I've got a couple of friends who wear baseball caps all of the time, I think they might take them off when they go to bed or shower, but honestly I have NEVER seen them without a baseball cap on, even when they're home... they do wear it with the bill in front though.

          To each his own,


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