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Getting through to Ridgid's Customer Service

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  • Getting through to Ridgid's Customer Service

    Anyone out there have any idea how to get through to Ridgid Customer Service? I have called twice, been told my wait time is less than 3 minutes, after 7 or 8 minutes it times out and tells me leave a message. I left messages both times and no one called me back. Then I sent 2 messages on their contact form on their website to which I have gotten no responses. My first attempts to contact were a week ago.

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    Ok so I'm not the only one. I better just return this Rigid stuff and get something else. Spent 35 mins on the phone today and never spoke to a soul. A literal voice prompt jungle. I really don't have time for this and if this is what Rigid has become then im done. For good.

    I'm sure someone from Rigid will come in and not let me post or kick me off the board but you know what? It's too hard to spend lots of money with you guys. You have zero customer service and if the customer service line is any indication then any warranties are worthless. I can't spend a hour on hold with a tool company.
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      i just called ridgid today to update a replace a LSA tool and i was on hold for a number of minutes, so i just put my phone on speaker and did other tasks on my PC until they answered. they did answer, got the update done, even transferred me to tech support for some warranty questions and that went well.
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        I called them a month or two ago and got right in within five or so minutes. First time I had to replace batteries under the LSA and it went very well.



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          I had an excellent experience with replacing two batteries under the LSA. I wonder if the time you are calling is a problem? Maybe try calling later in the day?


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            I have written them 5 times over the past two months regarding a problem I am having with a brand new table saw I purchased. Due to some previous health issues my voice is very difficult to understand, especially over the phone, so it is infinitely easier for me to communicate via text/email. Out of the 5 times I have messaged them, I have yet to receive a single reply. Needless to say the great things I heard about their customer service have been nothing but an absolute disappointment for me.


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              Unfortunately unlike many forums hosted by other tool manufacturers, there is no company representative active on this site. It is known that some company employees do visit from time to time, but they rarely, and I mean very rarely, interface with anyone here.

              They may (total guess by me) contact someone who posts about a problem outside of the forum, by their registered email, but I have no way of knowing that and I can't recall where anyone has come back on here and said they were contacted by someone concerning a problem they have had with a woodworking or power tool.

              Once in a great while (like maybe 5 times that I can think of), someone from RIDGID has chimed in about a problem with a RIDGID Plumbing and drain cleaning tool or related equipment like locators or video cameras.

              So, having said that, there are many very knowledgeable people on here who if you can tell us what the problem maybe it is something we can help you with. If photos can help us understand you problem please include them. But anything anyone on here might tell you is their own opinion and don't hold RIDGID/TTI responsible for it, and you follow any advice at your own risk since we don't represent the company. To be clear the 'company' is TTI, who licenses the RIDGID name to put on tools they sell. They own a number of brand names, such as Ryobi, Milwaukee, AEG, and others.

              Unfortunately for RIDGID having licensed their name to the line of woodworking tools means that TTI remains in the background for any quality (or lack thereof) or safety (fortunately there have been few if any) issues. TTI is responsible for answering the phone or emails related to woodworking tools, but RIDGID takes the heat when they don't.
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                Bob is absolutely correct - I regularly see people come on here to post about some issue they have with Ridgid - I think assuming that someone from Ridgid is reading and going to respond - but that is not the case. There are many manufacturers - not just tool manufacturers - who host forums as a means to answer customer questions and solve issue but this is not one of them. I can see where for a newcomer it may seem like a place to ask questions to get a response from Ridgid - but for the most part the people reading the posts are just forum members who are not Ridgid employees. Once in a while I think I see someone from Ridgid posting regarding drain cleaning equipment but that's about it.


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                  Well, thanks for the replies anyway. I have a Ridgid 50 foot 10 gauge extension cord that I paid nearly $100 for and the ground prong pulled out of the male end when I removed it from an outlet. It is less than 5 years old and has seen only limited light use in a residential environment. It said lifetime warranty so I thought I'd try on here since I couldn't get any help from their customer service. I thought someone else might have an alternative way to get through to Ridgid. I guess I'll just purchase a new male connector, fix it myself and use it til it's shot. Then I'll buy one from a more customer friendly manufacturer.


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                    I have taken 2 Ridgid extension cords back to place of purchase (Home Cheapo). One due to the orange outer jacket pulling away from the clear plug and another due to excessive twisting and lumping in the cord itself.
                    Both replaced (exchanged) with minimal trouble. Usually the individual working the returns register tells me that I need a receipt and or need to return it to Ridgid.
                    I’ll mention the Lifetime Warranty and they will question a manager as what to do and they tell the person on the register to do a RTV (return to vendor) and have me grab a new cord off of the shelf.
                    They ring it up at zero charge and I am on my way with a new cord.
                    I hope this helps.

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                  But... this forum has the Ridgid name on it so they should care enough to monitor it and respond. A high percentage of posters here own Ridgid products and many will think about purchasing, or not, more in the future. And their partner (Home Depot) doesn't seem to care either.
                  I wish someone at Ridgid would take the time to explain in general terms (no names) of why so many registrations fail. Makes a customer feel like they are trying to pull a con when they only want to complete the registration. Very frustrating. (⊙_⊙)