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    Kidde or First Alert brand? OR other????

    I was overwhelmed as to what is out there in smoke detectors today!
    My "old" 9V battery detectors are over 10 years old and I had one finally fail.
    I have decided to replace all my smoke detectors at this time!

    I really do not care for the 10 year permanent battery type..because if you get many
    false alarms you use up the battery quickly. I do understand why the feds made these with
    permanent batteries because people steal the 9V battery for their transistor radios!

    My home is 1966 vintage so my smoke detectors are not hard wired. Actually it was built before smoke detectors!

    The type detector is also confusing....I do not need it to tie to a telephone, I do not require it to "speak to me".
    All I want is an annoying 85DB screaming tone/beep and the ability to silence it/ or "hush".

    I do get false alarms from the kitchen due to the detector mounted by a rear hallway.

    Today you can choose ionization or photoelectric...sensing.
    Today some detectors always have the LED blink to tell you it's working....
    Many today do not provide a "hush" mode to silence false alarms.

    What do you folks use today?
    What do you contractors use in new construction today?
    Anyone concerned with a radioactive device within their smoke detector?
    So far no one in my house glows green!

    Right now I decided to go with the First alert SA320CN detector.
    This model runs on batteries...not 9V but AA...This means replacing them twice a year at least.
    This model offers dual sensing or both ionization and photoelectric.
    This model is also priced under $25.00....

    Another issue is, no detectors I have researched are made in USA...WHY NOT!!!!!

    I was also very disappointed that both Home Depot and Lowe's had a very poor selection
    of smoke detectors in their stores here locally.

    I also realize putting a price on saving a life or your home should not be an issue ...but
    some of these smoke detectors are priced over $69.00..and I bet they are all using the same

    Cactus Man

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    Transistor radios? Who has a transistor radios these days? :-)

    "We haven't had that spirit here since 1969".

    I think that's how the line goes in that Eagles song.

    Just bustin ya I know what you mean.
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      You might want to do some reading here. Note that this is only the local amendments to the adopted codes, so you still have to look at the actual code requirement and then apply any change/amendment that was approved by your state or local government.
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      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006