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    Trying to get tools registered for lifetime warranty. Registration was sent in June 17. Tried to call for help but have not been able to talk to anyone. Customer service just says can’t transfer your call and hangs up. Tried to email and it says they will send a link to my email. Getting very frustrated. Can’t imagined what would happen if I actually needed something repaired. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get get a hold of them? Help!

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    I don't know what to tell you except that to keep trying. Frankly I have never had a problem, buying my first tools in late 2003 and continuing through the beginning of this year. (I realize THAT is NO help at all, sorry!)

    Did you try to register your tool here:

    Or make your contact here (note there is also a phone number):

    Did you make this purchase through Home Depot?

    Originally, back in late 2003, and continuing through at least the first decade, you had to send in the original UPC from the product carton, along with a copy of your receipt, as well as give them the tool model, any of the attachments or inclusions and also the serial number(s) of everything included. It would take three or more weeks before your registration showed up here on the website.

    The last few times I registered Ridgid tools it was just so much easier... you went to the product registration page, filled in the blanks and gave them the number on the receipt and within a couple of days Ridgid Customer Service sent you a confirming e-mail. Frankly I found that quite easy and with the exception of one confirmation request to send them a copy of my receipt all went through very easy. Even the need to send them the receipt was easy as it was only a simply matter of going to the Post Office.

    Earlier this year I had to replace four batteries, free under the LSA, and with reading so many complaints beforehand, I thought that was going to be a challenge. It WASN'T. A young lady took my call, asked for the serial numbers, confirm my name and address and I had the new batteries just a few days later.

    Basically, I have not had any problems with more than twenty or so registrations; so, it is difficult for me to offer a solution as I have never had to make that hurdle.

    I wish you the best of luck, please try the above links and if that doesn't help, perhaps go back to the Home Depot where you made the purchase, take your receipt and ask them for any solutions that can help you.



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      I'm not with impressed with Ridgid at all. I purchased a Drill kit for my son 3 months ago, spent almost 800 dollars at Home Depot. Spent an hour on the computer registration everything. And now the Impact drill gears are done and there's no warranty on it. Never again will I buy a Ridgid product again.


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        Not sure at all why you're saying that there is no warranty on the impact driver? Even if you didn't sigh-up for the LLSA there is still the standard 3 Year Warranty that is still in effect. Who told you that there isn't a warranty for this issue?


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          What drill kit did you buy that costs $800 ?

          If it's been less than 90 days you can return it for full refund I believe unless they have changed that policy.

          Regardless of the LSA registration (which is the part you do online) you should have a 3 year warranty IF you bought the tools from Home Depot which you say you did, just your proof of purchase. The tools are available from other sellers but those tools do not carry the 3 year warranty nor are they eligible for registration under the LSA (Lifetime Service Agreement).

          Go to the store, take the tools and receipt with you. If it's been less than 90 days you should be able to get your money back.

          If it's over 90 days, then you are covered under the 3 year warranty. UNLESS your Home Depot has a repair center and you plan to leave them there for them to repair TAKE YOUR TOOLS HOME WITH YOU and call RIDGID Customer Service. If there is only one tool that is a problem, they shouldn't need the whole kit, bring home everything they don't need to repair the problem tool(s).

          Your best bet before doing anything is contact RIDGID Customer Service and talk to someone there on how to proceed and find out the status of your LSA registration. Doesn't help now after the fact but whenever I have registered a tool for the LSA I print a hard copy of the web page where it has all the information so I have proof I entered it into their system. A screen shot saved on the hard drive will work too.
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            Ridgid is VERY slow processing warranties. I bought the latest 18v trim router and it's been in pending status 43 days now. I waited a week after purchasing online at HD and also uploaded my receipt with all the other required data. Are they so backlogged they can't process it in that amount of days? ^_^


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              I agree they are slow to complete registrations. I commented recently in another thread that I bought a Bosch Flex-clic drill and all I had to do was call them up and it was registered immediately. I bet from the time I dialed until I hung up was less than 10 minutes, and less than a minute spent waiting on hold. To find my account all they needed was my email address and when I said I don't remember what email address I used years ago she asked for my name and bam had my account in seconds. From there I just read her the serial number on the tool kit and I'm good to go. No, it's not a lifetime service agreement like the RIDGID LSA but that's not my point here. My point is that Bosch can take nothing more than a phone call and find my account and register my new tools in under 10 minutes. No emailing, registered letters, or any of that other BS that you have to do with RIDGID to get registered. Some times it feels like there is only one person in all of TTI who handles the LSA registrations and claims, and of course only one person (or even five) are swamped with calls.

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            I think I bought my first Ridgid brand which was made by TTI, back in 2003 and also purchased a NIB Ridgid, older gray color, drill press around the same time, along with several other "Ridgid-TTI-made tools in the years since and have registered every single one of them without more than 30-days delay. When it goes beyond two weeks, I call the Customer Service number to inquire.

            My last "Ridgid-TTI-made" purchases were about two years ago and they registered within a matter of a just a few days, just doing it online. I had a problem with one tool at that time which required me to send them a copy of the receipt. It was registered within two weeks of purchase. So far, registration for the LSA has been 100%.

            This past spring I replaced four batteries under the LSA from my original 2005 purchases. Every time I've been able to get through to Customer Service within just a few minutes, maybe ten at the most. Music background while I've waited is annoying as hell, but beyond that I guess I've just been extremely lucky!

            If you can't get through to Customer Service, have you tried to look up the corporate offices number? Maybe go back to Home Depot and tell them your problem and see what they can tell you, or better yet, ask when the Ryobi/Ridgid tech rep comes in so you can talk to him or her. (They usually are in the store every few weeks.)

            I get a bit hyper about Customer Service and I have absolutely NO patience when it comes to delays, put-offs, or just plain old ignorance of customers. I haven't had to do it with Ridgid or Ryobi, but there have been other companies where I've gone so far as to look up (Standard and Poors at the local library) the CEO and write them a serious letter.) Even brought my State AG's office into one problem. Like I said, I have no patience of such things, I worked too damn hard for my money to be cheated.

            I realize this isn't definitive, instant help, but hopefully it will give you a path to follow.



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              If having a nightmare while awake is a thing. That is what I had; trying to register my 3 Ridgid Purchases. The help line basically wants to send you a reset password email and hang up on you. That was never the problem. Then they wanted me to pay $21.60 to send the information via snail mail. Then they said it was only suggested I register the letter not a necessity. But if it gets lost in the mail, I am out of luck. Finally after 2 days of trying everything including going back to Home Depot and trying to get a manager to help me. Finally I got a Ridgid Rep on the phone that new what she was doing. Very assertive ( rough ) but figured it all out. The life time warranty is just smoke and mirrors anyways. I might buy ridgid again but never ever be concerned that it has a warranty.


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                To each his own, but the neither the 30-day return policy, 3-year warranty, or the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement (it's not a "warranty" is "smoke and mirrors" as you call it. If you follow the procedure it's pretty quick and since 2003 I've registered more than thirty tools and components without any problem. Once, last year I believe, they asked me to send them a copy of my receipt... but really, I drive by the Post Office most every day and all that cost me was a stamp! (I don't understand your claim of $21.60.)

                And, I might add, I've never once had a problem getting through on the phone in all those years! The music is a bit annoying, but otherwise I rarely wait beyond five minutes or so. BTW, even after after almost 19 years I had no problem at all getting four replacement batteries, just this past spring.



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                  CWS -- But, if one has entered all the information online and uploaded their receipt, what can one add on a phone call that hasn't already been delivered to them? It seems like hassling so you'll give up. I've asked this question to HD and Ridgid and no one will give me an answer.


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                    I don't disagree with you. But with regards to the registration, in my past experience, the only reason to make a phone call to Ridgid Customer Service is to check the status of your registration; and, I would do that within a week or two after you have done the online registration and haven't seen any resulting affirmation. You simply can't ignore the follow-up, waiting months or until you have a claim and find out they never registered you. Months after you registered, they're probably gonna tell you it's too late! Hence the need to follow up with a phone call within a week or two after you register, just in case you have to do it again.

                    Originally back in 2003 when the TTI-made line of "Ridgid"- branded tools first came out, and for most of the time since then, you had to cut the UPC from the product box, include a copy of the receipt, and write them with all the product information like model, serial number, and even that information of the individual components in the product box. If it was your initial purchase of Ridgid, you'd have to go online, here on the website and register yourself and the tool. About a month after your mailing you'd get a status update here on your Ridgid website personalized page, that your status changed from a "3 Yr" warranty to the "Lifetime Service Agreement" and if this was your first Ridgid tool, you'd also get a little plastic card in the mail with your personal registration number.

                    I'd always planned on waiting about a month and IF I didn't get that confirmation, I would call Ridgid Customer Service with an inquiry. Over those initial years, i only had to do that once or twice because they were behind schedule, in which case I'd see my status update within a few days of my phone call.

                    With my last Ridgid tool purchases (January 2018 as I recall) all that was required was to register online, fill in the tool information they asked and provide the number from the Home Depot purchase receipt. That was IT, and within a few days my online registration was confirmed. In only one case, did I not see the registration posted and I called them, they requested that I send them a copy of the receipt via postal mail and I did so that afternoon.... and, the tool was confirmed about a week later. (As I recall, I think I sent that as registered mail.)

                    So, my experience as been positive. I don't have an exact count on my Ridgid-brand tools, but I've purchased a drill press, jointer, thickness planer, routers, recip saw, JobMax, nailers, sanders, and a few cordless tools over the years (those come to mind, but there may be a few more). So far, I've only had to service a drill and a sander under the LSA; and four battery replacements back in this past spring. So, the LSA is working for me, and as stated, ALL of my tools have been registered without what I would consider any real hassle.

                    But, as I stated earlier and in other posts, I make sure I follow the guidelines, and if I don't see confirmation of my registration in a very short period of time, I will give them a call. Be nice about it, and understand that the people you talk to are just trying to do their job and don't need to hassled anymore than you like the hassle. Also understand that some people don't follow the rules, perhaps never did the registration, and/or didn't buy it at Home Depot.... complaints are a PIA and I'm sure Customer Support probably has to deal with some measure of dishonesty. BUT, if you followed the rules, you need to state your case, understanding their position of course, but also be steadfast in your claim.

                    While I have not had to take steps beyond that with Ridgid, I have in the past held other companies to account IF I think they need to be reminded about their responsibilities. Life is too short and money to hard to come by, to be ignored by a company who promises to honor a warranty or product sale and then attempts to ignore that responsibility. When that happens to me, I will go to some length to get that corrected.

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                      Just checked my account and the router shows registered as LSA. They used to send an email when a registration changed from pending, but not this time. So I guess they are just really behind or there's some problem with the Ridgid/Home Depot communications. :-)- (-:


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                        The main thing is that you DO have the router registered for the LSA.... good!

                        Glad it worked out for you, though it did take long,