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Ridgid - Do they still manufacture and sell Portable Generators?

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  • Ridgid - Do they still manufacture and sell Portable Generators?

    Does Ridgid even make generators any more?

    I've had an RD6800 generator for many years and was considering an upgrade to a model with an electrical start. Home Depot has nothing in stock at stores or online which seemed odd. The Ridgid website does not even list generators that I could find; searched every tool category and used the search field. I could go to another manufacturer but as these weigh a lot I find the hand-truck handle to be a very nice feature - don't see any other makers with such a feature.

    PS. If anyone knows of an electrical start kit for the Yamaha Engine please do jump in here.

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    Home Depot sells the new version of the RD6800 series, the RD7000. Similar unit, electric start, Zero Gravity hand-truck frame, GenSmart monitor. Now uses Honda GX series engines instead of Yamaha (commercial Honda w/cast iron sleeve). You'll have to get in the waiting line, Home Depot is sold out. There are a couple on eBay if you can figure out a way to get a "local pickup" to your destination.
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      Just a thought, looking at that hand truck handle, I bet it wouldn't be too difficult to fabricate one to fit another brand generator.