Hey Everyone,

I wana share my story how using a Ridgid vaccum cleaner with the gutter cleaning kit has allowed me to not only increase profits to my business, but at the same time start a new program of offering a free service to those in need.

I own a window and gutter cleaning business based out of Washington state called Fine Touch Window Cleaning. This year I purchased a Ridgid vacuum with the gutter cleaning kit to test out and see if it would be as efficient and thorough at cleaning out gutters as doing it by hand. To my amazement, not only was it more efficient, the vacuum literally sucks EVERYTHING out of the gutters and leaves just the bare metal.

At first I would use the vac on gutters that were hard to reach due to impossible landscaping or where I couldn't put up a ladder at a safe angle, but I soon realized I was getting things done faster, and way way safer by using it all the time. With the vacuum and the gutter cleaning kit I can clean out customers gutters upto 2 stories high without having to go up a 28ft ladder and move it every few feet to scoop up debris by hand. This saved tons of time, as instead of moving the ladder I just pull the vac with me as I move around the property.

The check the results, I bought a wire-less endoscope camera that I attached to the end of the Ridgid gutter pole and I can watch everything being sucked up in real time, as well as shoot video and take before and after pics for my clients! The clients love it, not only is it not a liability for them to have someone fall and get hurt on their property, the vac, according to them, actually does a "much much better, and less messier job" than other methods.

Since using the Ridgid gutter vacuum has allowed me to take on gutter cleaning on homes I wouldn't otherwise have taken on, and to get the work done faster and safer, I decided to start an initiative of free gutter cleaning in my community of Vancouver, WA and surrounding cities. I posted on craigslist, facebook, and nextdoor offering gutter cleaning for free to those who can't afford it, are elderly, or are disabled.

Since gutter cleaning has become so easy using the vac, I decided I could give back to my local community to those who are truly in need. It would help foster goodwill, motivate other companies to possibly do similar, and very importantly, cut back on ladder falls and accidents by those who would attempt the dangerous act of gutter cleaning without the proper training.

So far the program's been a huge success and a local news publication ran a story on my program.



I hope to continue this program for years to come and for the lifetime of the Ridgid vaccum, I might not need to go back to repeate clients however since after I tell them that for under $300 bucks they can get the whole system themselves and use it year after year, their ears perk up and I can tell they have a trip to their local home depot planned out!

Cheers to Ridgid for the affordability and quality of their products!

Before and After with a Ridgid Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning Kit
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